January The Second

Today I am reminiscing my parents, they are no longer with us, but I never forget their kindness and love.  They had a small business of Batik Cloth making which started in 1950.  They employed a few people to get it going and in the sixties they had more than twenty people to work for them as the business become established.

Beautiful and Fine Hand Crafted Batik

Batik Cloth
Batik Doily

I remember vividly as a small child to have people around all the time, it was good, specially to see my father being busy with all the workers, and mother was busy dealing with marketing of the batik.  She had to go to different towns for the marketing of the batik, we all children spent the time closely with the helpers and we were happy enough.  But the most memorable to me was, every time she came home from her business trips we all children always got special treats which could be fresh fruit in season, or delicious savouries and cakes. They were simple treats but pleased us every times.

For the night before
For The January The Second


Unfortunately the business went down the hill in the seventies, the time that all of us needed the most for our education.  Somehow my parents managed the situation with difficulties. There were unpleasant tensions between my parents that we all kids had to put up with.  I saluted them for their determination to succeed for us children.  My sisters and brothers are all educated and they have very good life.

Almost four decades  also we have been living here in Australia, it is far away from home.   We have three girls, and five grand children,  I am happy to say that we are all good friends. My parents loved me well, and they have given me education, a good start for my marriage life, a big wedding party that I could not forget, to that I am grateful.

Morning Tea
Mini sponge cakes with berries

Today after our morning walk, I dressed the cake and Rayner prepared the tea, It was a lovely morning together.

I set up the table with batik doilies to have the morning tea and I thought of my parents, I think it was so appropriate to do it on the second of January,  the day when we got married.

Tomorrow our daughter Susan is coming home for a visit, Mel has got in touch by Email and telephone, Jane rang and we spoke to Jane and Milo on Face Time.  They are always with us, only they live far a way.  We are blessed to have very thoughtful daughters.

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