My Garden (Continued)

The Left Side Of The House

The side of the house is a lovely cool spot where I grow hydrangeas; they are so beautiful when they are in full blooms, especially around early spring to early summer.

From the front garden, through the left side gate, you walk into a colourful space, on the left side you would find rich red roses adorning the white brick wall of the house, during spring to summer, but if you look at the right sight,  the hydrangeas greet you with their beautiful colours on a late spring.  It is a very pretty sight and a peaceful place.

Red Roses in Full Bloom
Red Roses in Full Bloom
Red rose buses are in flowers
Beautiful Red Roses
Colourful Hydrangeas
Colourful Hydrangeas
Move Hydrangea
Light Purple Lace Hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea
Hot Pink Hydrangea

It is almost my ritual, every morning I walk a long this place, I found it so peaceful, and often I cut the flowers when they are at their best for my room.


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