My Garden (Continued)


The Right Side Of The House

The side of the house is a sunny area, in which mixed roses grow beautifully with pencil pines as their backdrop.  The Cecil Brenner is flowering for the second round with pretty mass pink flowers.  Next to it there are standard iceberg roses; white, hot pink and one burgundy bush iceberg that just started flourishing.  I added two dusky pink standard roses, and are now growing well and flowering too. In springtime these roses are in full blooms and they are beautiful for a show.  I enjoy the beauty through my kitchen window.

Rose Garden

Standard Iceberg Roses
Standard Iceberg Roses
Cecil Brenner Rose
Mixed Plants
In a Narrow Shady Place
The Right Side of The House

The extension of this rose garden, toward the right side of the house is a narrow space that hardly gets the sun, it is good for keeping  plants that need a cooler place; such as ferns, potted hydrangea, potted orchids and so on.  I use the space as my hospital as well for my plants, so if the plants are not well, they will rest there and I will look after them until they are better.

From my kitchen window I could see the rest of the side garden,  a stretched lawn on which I walk upon daily to go to the backyard.  On that space I could see and enjoy the twin crab apple trees when they are blossoming in spring time, and the peaceful green wall of the pittosporum.


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