Topiary Plants

My topiary plants are in the backyard,   most of them are well established, I love to have them, they are beautiful.   Yes,  maybe they are not growing naturally, but  why not,  to create a form of  arts in the garden is great.   I like to be creative.

My Topiary Plants

Standard Lilli Pilly Topiary
Lilli Pilly Topiary
Giraffe Topiary
Conifer Ball
Potted English Box
Twin Potted Topiary Plants
English Box
Australian Box
Australian Box
Two Topiary Balls Sit in the Ground
Two Balls – Potted Topiary
Australian Box

My swan topiary has been not well for a while, but now it is on a mend.  Soon the green leaves will fill up the frame, and we can see the shape better.  The Kangoroo topiary is not doing badly, the green leaves are looking good.  Both these topiary plants  are made out of the Australian box, it is fast growing plant and very hardy as well as easy to care for.


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