In The Hot Day

A Hot day is very tiring, more so in the past a few days,  the summer season has been so dry and the heat was very intense.  Yesterday’s activities were indoors, or in fact it was a time to relax, listening to the music and watching movies.

Dinnertime comes; no cooking, but fresh and delicious salads were there for us all.  Cabbage salad with turmeric dressing, garnished with red onions served with Spanish chorizo. Also a composed salad, made out of steamed sweet potatoes, omelette, sliced chorizo, steamed red onions, and leafy greens and dressed with salt and olive oil, and herbs bread to go with it.

A Delicious composed  and cabbage salad were served for Dinner on the hot day.

Turmeric Dressing:

1 teaspoon dried powder turmeric add in,
1/3 teaspoon salt, 1/4  cup hot water (mix them together thoroughly)
Add in 1/3 cup vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice
(mix altogether until all combined)

Cabbage salad with turmeric dressing , garnished with red onion
Shredded cabbage with turmeric dressing

The Composed Salad.

I prepared the dinner without any planning,  I do the salad out the materials that I have at hand.  I started with the omelet, then added with sweet potato, and steamed onions.  I thought sliced chorizo would be good to go with them, so I added some, at last but not least the leafy greens.  Sprinkle some salt and drizzle with the best olive oil.  Toss and served.

The first step of composed salad. Sliced red onion, omelet, sliced sweet potatoes and chorizo
The first step of composed salad. Sliced red onion, omelet, sliced sweet potatoes and chorizo
Added the leafy greens
Sprinkle some salt and the best olive oil
Toss them together gently.
Delicious Composed Salad is Served
Delicious Composed Salad

It is a short and sweet post, I have no recipe to share with  you.  The composed salad is very easy, do your own a composed salad, it works every time.

Please do try cooking without any planning, enjoy what you have on hand, it may surprise you, beautiful and delicious dishes are the outcome.  Happy Cooking.


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