In The Backyard

The Vegetables Patch

Today is a good day to work outside, I cleaned the vegetable patch, it  looked much better but I was not impressed with the soil.  It is very sandy, it does not hold water properly.  Something has to be done regarding to the soil.  Now I understand why my lettuces and zucchini plants don’t grow very well.  However, I put some organic fertilizer, and I watered it a lot,  and see how it goes.

The Vegetable patch
The Vegetable Patch (left)
The Vegetable Patch (right)
Very untidy
Very Untidy
The Vegetable PatchClean and Tidy
The Vegetable Patch
Clean and Tidy

There was a plan to redo the patch and fix the irrigation system.  It will be a big job.   I love the asparagus plants which are sitting in the middle of the patch, I am reluctant to disturb them.  There are not many summer vegetables at present, only tomatoes, zucchini, lettuces, hot chillies, and of course some herbs.  More to come about the patch, stay tuned.


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