Greek Cheese Pie – Tiropita.

A hot day today, but I love to work with pastry, particularly water pastry.  The pastry is a simple one, it is made out of flour, oil, salt and warm water. The pie is an inspiration from my Greek friend, Sophie, she is a very good cook, and she taught me how to cook Greek cooking.

Today I cooked tiropita as I had the feta cheese on hand,  I promised her to cook a Greek pie one day, so she will assess me whether I do the right thing or not.

What you need for the tiropita pie are Feta cheese, pastry ( philo pastry you could by from the shop) and eggs.  Mix 250 gr Dodoni Feta cheese (crumbled) with three eggs, add a pinch of salt.  Get five sheets of philo pastry and buttered in between , place them on a tin.  Pour the cheese mixture on it, and cover with another five sheets of the  pastry which are buttered in between as well.  Brush with melted butter on top.  Bake in a preheated oven for 22 minutes, until the pastry is golden.

The Tiropita (baked with home made pastry)

Beautiful Looking Pastry for Tiropita
The Tiropita is ready to bake
Freshly Baked Tiropita
Beautiful Baked Tiropita
The pastry is Golden
Dusted with Icing Sugar and Cinnamon
Tiropita, herb Bread and Sliced Cucumber with mints.

While the oven was going I baked herb bread loaf, it was such a productive day.
Other Greek pies that I baked in the past were Spinach pie (spanakopita) and Leek pie (prasopita).  My family love all the pies.

The Greek cheese pie – Tiropita, I served it with a touch of Morocco by dusting the pastry with icing powder sugar and cinnamon.  It’s so delicious and the pastry was so crisp and light.
I am so happy.   It Was Such A Beautiful Offering.


A Beautiful Bouquet for Sophie 

Red Roses from My Garden
Red Roses from My Garden
A Bouquet for Sophie

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