Drying Herbs

Preserving herbs by  drying them  is a part in  celebrating  my garden.  My herb garden give me so much pleasure, I use the herbs not only for my cooking, but also for garnishes,  decorations for presentation of cakes and also for flower arrangements. Once a week I pick mixed fresh herbs for my kitchen, it has been my delightful ritual, I could not do without.
The herbs are at their best right now, I love having fresh herbs daily, but I like to keep them for longer by drying them.  To dry herbs is very easy, what you need is  good dry hot weather  and a special room  inside the house to continue drying up.

Drying Herbs

Pick the fresh herbs, put into bunches and hang them up to dry under the sun.

Drying the fresh herbs outside in the garden.

Hang them up at least for a day during  a hot summer day.  In the late afternoon, take them off, then keep them in the house in a cool and dry place. To dry the herbs completely needs time, you may have to put out and dry them up again under the sun for another day.  After that  keep them inside the house until they are crisp to touch.

Keeping the semi dry herbs in the house in a cool and dry place.
The herbs are crisps to touch. They are ready to store in jars.

Process and Storing Dry Herbs

Using jars for keeping the dry herbs. They have to be cleaned and dry completely

To Be Continued


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