Herbs (Continued)

Taking off dried herbs from the stems
Crushing the dried herb

A few steps of storing the dry herbs.  They are easy enough, get the dry herbs and the clean jars ready.  You need a clean and dry space to do it, away from humidity.  I do it in my kitchen area, and it worked very well for me.

Starting from getting all leaves off from the branches, crush them onto  fine leaves, and feel them that they have no twigs.  Discard the twigs, then fill the jars with the dry herbs.

Small, crushed dried herbs
Clean and dry herbs without the twigs
The twigs/stems have to be discarded
The dried herb is ready to store in a clean jar
Storing the herbs, in jars  labelled
Freshly brewed lemon balm herbal tea

I enjoyed the fresh brewed lemon balms tea with a shortbread biscuits.  Herbal tea is very refreshing, I could have it at any time.

Cooking with herbs:  Leg of lamb steak, rub with lemon balm, lemon juice and  pan fried, is excellent easy cooking and very delicious.  More cooking with herbs to come soon.

Storing herbs in jars, labelled (and dated maybe better)

I dry my herbs from my garden every year.  How long do they last, what is the shelf life expectancy?  My answer is as long as the smell of the herbs still prominent for what they are.  I don’t keep them more then a year.  Discard the one year old dried herbs, and make a new one for the next year supply.

It was fun to dry the herbs, but I do miss the ‘Dill’,  as I don’t have enough of them in the garden.  I have been using fresh thyme, oregano, parsley, sage and rosemary this summer.  Soon I will dry them in a small quantity for my winter cooking.

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