February Harvests


We have very little nectarine fruits this year, however I am so pleased that I could  harvest them.  I have been eating them fresh, they are not quite soft or ripe.  I cooked, poached some of them for nectarine pie.Image

Freshly Picked Nectarines

I baked nectarine  pie and I  used my home-made brioche for the pastry, it was a very light and decadent pie.  The family loved it.

Freshly Baked Nectarine Pie
Freshly Baked Nectarine Pie

The Vegetables

The Povapatch (the name of my vegetables patch) has very good harvest even though it does not have variety of plants.  This morning I harvested a zucchini and some fresh lettuces, it was a hot day, so I picked good enough fresh vegetables for our salad.  I am so pleased with the radicchio.  It looks so fresh, and it has beautiful rich deep red colour, I am sure it tastes good with crunchy textures.

Freshly Picked Radicchio
Freshly Picked Radicchio

Beautiful Fresh Vegetables at The Vegetable Patch

My Povapatch

100_6867 100_6872 100_6876

Today’s Harvests

A basket full of fresh vegetables
zucchini, rockets, butter lettuces, sorrels and radicchio

100_6885 100_6888

Fresh Composed Salad
with sliced baked chicken

I prepared a quick composed salad from the harvest.  I mixed all the leafy lettuces, add in garlic crouton and sliced baked chicken breast flavoured with preserved lemon.  The salad dressing was so simple, it consisted of lemon juice, mustard, salt and olive oil.  It was a substantial salad and the family loved my offering.

The fruit and vegetable harvests are very good this month, they are just enough for my family, unfortunately I could not share them with friends.  Maybe next time.


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