Over the years, I baked and cooked beautiful Food and Cakes for Special Celebrations

26 January is Australia Day.

Pavlova with fresh fruits topping
Pavlova with fresh fruits topping

Pavlova is delicious sweet meringue with a lots of fresh fruit topping.

14 February is Valentine Day

Love Heart Chocolate CakeValentine Day
Love Heart Chocolate Cake
Valentine Day

Chocolate cake is always a treat for any occasion and this love heart moist chocolate cake is moist and delicious.

25 December-Christmas Dinner

Roast Turkey with Herbs
Roast Turkey with Herbs

Christmas Cake and Christmas Turkey

Christmas Cake
Christmas Cake
Roast Turkey with Vegetables
Roast Turkey with Vegetables
Roast Turkey Buffet

March /April – Easter

Easter Cake
Easter Cake
Easter Eggs

Instead of chocolate Easter egg, I prepare boiled fresh egg and beautifully decorated with natural herbs.  They so pretty and taste good.

Another cooking is steamed bread instead off hot cross buns.

Steamed Buns
stuffed with sweet pork

Birthday Cakes

Every year I bake my family’s birthday cakes

Rayner's Birthday Cake
Rayner’s Birthday Cake
Susan's Birthday Cake
Susan’s Birthday Cake
Mel’s Birthday Cake
Susy’s Birthday Cake
Rayner’s Birthday Cakes

Baptism Cake

HenryC babtis
Henry’s Baptism Cake

My appreciation to my family and friends is always delicious food, beautiful cakes that I cooked and baked from my very own kitchen.

Many more pictures are coming (to be continued)


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