Javanese Cooking and Beyond

Beautiful Dishes for My Family.

Cooking delicious food for family get together is fun,  we enjoy Javanese dishes, as they are our heritage and we love other delicious dishes from other countries too.
Easter time now, everyone  is busy. I am getting ready for Easter of course, we both are waiting for  the children and grand kids to come home.  It is going to be a happy one.

I am sharing some photos of my cooking from the past and a recipe of a chicken dish.

Beautiful, Healthy and Delicious Food

Yellow rice with garnishes.
Yellow rice with garnishes.
Pancakes with avocado filling


Yellow rice is based on Javanese cooking (Nasi Kuning). I prepared it with a little twists, I thought it looked beautiful and tasted so delicious with the garnishes.

The most popular pancake rolls for my family are pancake with meat and vegetables filling.  It can be fried or served as fresh as they are.

Meat and vegetables filling on a pancake
Meat and vegetables filling on a pancake
Roll the pancake to enclose the filling
Fresh Pancake Rolls

These delicious pancake rolls  are excellent for snacking  or  light lunch.


We love our sponges, from plain sponge to flavoured sponges: ginger fluff, chocolate etc.  This green cake is pandanus sponge cake filled with jam. I did it based on  Swiss rolls.

Pandanus sponge in a tin is ready to bake
Pandanus sponge roll
Sliced pandanus sponges are served

Easter is coming soon, I bake different Easter cake or bread every year.  This year I do mini Easter cake that can hold an Easter egg individually.  I don’t have a recipe to share, only a few photo shots of the baking

The Easter cake ingredients for 2013
The Easter cake ingredients for 2013

The Baking Proccess







The night before Easter Sunday, the cake will be dressed with melted chocolate and colourful mini chocolate Easter eggs.

Festive Celebration Food

Braised the whole chicken with fragrant herbs served with steamed white rice.   It is a beautiful dish with delicious Javanese flavour.
The recipe is dedicated to my third daughter Susan.   Instead of braising the chicken over the stove, I baked the chicken in the oven with a little water with  the fragrant spices.  It turned out beautifully, it was moist and flavoursome.

Javanese Chicken Dish
Javanese Chicken Dish100_7828

The Recipe of the chicken dish.

Susan’s Ayam Bumbu Rujak (Javanese)

Spiced Fragrant Baked Chicken Susan’s Style

1 whole chicken no 16
(Wash it and loosen up the skin)
1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon tamarind juice (mix together)
(Rub the chicken and under the skin with the mixture
1/3 cup of oil to sauté the spices and to drizzle onto the chicken
1 tin of coconut milk

1 large onion
3 cloves garlic
3 red-hot chillies
3 candlenuts
1 teaspoon dry turmeric (1 small fresh root turmeric)
1 small piece of ginger
1 teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons brown sugar (small piece of coconut sugar)
(Place all these spices in a blender to make a rough/smooth paste)

Add in all these herbs as well but don’t grind them.

1 small sliced fresh galangal
1 stalk lemongrass
5 kaffir lime leaves
2 daun salam (Indonesian herb)


Sauté the rough spices until fragrant, and cook for a few minutes (3)

Add in the galangal, lemon grass, etc, continue cooking for 2 minutes. Cool.

Place the chicken on a baking dish, put the fragrant spices inside, outside and on top the chicken.  Drizzle with vegetable oil.

Add 1/2 cup of water on the dish (pour it under the chicken)

Bake in a very hot oven 200 degrees C for 22 minutes then reduce the heat for 175 degrees.  Turn over the chicken, and cook for 18 minutes.

Turn the chicken once more (breast up now) and continue cooking for 33-35 minutes.

Take it out and I rest the chicken at least for 11 minutes, take it out then you can add the coconut milk to make the sauce.  Bring it to boil, taste the seasoning; you may have to add a little salt and sugar to get a delicious balance.  Put the chicken back onto the dish, resting onto the sauce until serving time.

To serve

Place the whole bird of the chicken on top of a large bed steamed white rice, garnish with gudangan segar (fresh vegetables salad dressed with coconut dressing)

In Australia you could cook variety of dishes, we are so lucky.  My family enjoy the contemporary Australian cooking, to that encourage me to cook not only my traditional Javanese cooking.

Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoy the recipe, and happy cooking.




Poached Pear

It is the season of pears, you can get them at their best now,  and I have been so lucky that I got free fresh pears from David, he is one of the members of our Table Tennis Club.  He has pear trees and now is the harvest season; out of his kindness he has been sharing some of the fruits.  I am sure everyone is happy to have some pears to enjoy.

I decided to cook some of the pears, and the rest we will eat them fresh.  Easy poached pear is the way to go, it is very simple cooking, what you need are a heavy based pot, peeled pears, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, bay leaves and water.

Recipe by Susi

Easy Poach Pears

6 semi ripe Pakham pears, peeled

1-cup sugar, combination of half white and raw sugar

1 cup water

1 cinnamon stick

1 star anise

2 bay leaves

Juice of a  half lemon

Put the pot over medium heat stove; cook the pears for 45-55 minutes, until the pears are completely soft.

When the pears are cooked, leave them in the syrup until you decide what you are going to serve them as.

To Use The Easy Poach Pears

For desserts – garnish with yoghurt or Cream

For further cooking –  use as a filling in brioche, chop and mix to bake muffins or teacakes.

For tarts –  place the sliced pear onto pastry, which is filled with cream custard and so forth.

 Cooking The Pears

Poached pears is bubbling away
Poaching the pears , it is bubbling away
Reduce the heat, cover the pot and keep on cooking for 45 minutes
The pear is cooked. They are juicy and soft.


Pears cooked in red wine and syrup is another cooking that is easy but delicious.  The pears become red in colour, they look festive.   I cooked pears  in red wine served simply with cream fraiche . It was a delectable dessert.

Short and Sweet Post

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Fresh food is the best, particularly the vegetables, as they are very close to me, I plant, look after and harvest them, having fresh and cooked vegetables daily is a must.  I love red meats as long as they are cooked properly,  they are : T bone steak for grilling, a large joint would be a leg of lamb for roasting, shoulder pork for braising and a large joint pork on the bone is excellent for roasting,  with crispy crackling.  Games are excellent protein, I love my whole bird of chicken, it’s so versatile, you could do so much with it, for the duck, it is the breast that is very good and quick to cook.  Fish, the whole fish for special treat, but for daily needs are fresh white fish or pink salmon.  Fruits, l love tropical fruit, also stone fruits, grapes, apples and oranges.  Figs are my favourite fresh fruit.  These are my favourites food and my family love them too.

Sweets and cakes are a different matter.  We all enjoy to eat sweets, but healthy sweets for snacks are important to us, we love cakes and scones to go with tea or coffee.  Asian sweets that I love the most is wajik ( sliced pink or brown sweet glutenous cake). Everyone loves sweets and desserts which make the meals complete.


Fresh Vegetables

Radicchio: is my favourite lettuce in a salad mix, I could not go without.

I am so fortunate of having a small patch vegetable garden, even though I don’t have much on it, but fresh lettuces, tomato, chilli, zucchini and herbs are there every spring to summer.
Pick the mixed lettuces, vegetables early in the morning, wash and dry them properly, keep in the vegetable spinner and refrigerated.

Early in the morning in the vegetable patch to harvest
Early in the morning in the vegetable patch to harvest
Cut a whole of radicchio to harvest, wash and clean straight away.
Cut a whole of radicchio to harvest, wash and clean straight away.
Put the lid on and keep the container in the refrigerator
Put the lid on and keep the container in the refrigerator, it last for a week
Washing the radicchio in water
Washing the radicchio in water
Place on a salad spinner to dry and to keep
Place on a salad spinner to dry and to keep

Preparation for radicchio.

It is excellent for a mixed leafy salad, give extra colour and flavour, and it is beautiful to cook to serve as a salad or to garnish grilled meat.

Leafy salad with orange citrus dressing
Leafy salad with orange citrus dressing
Mixed leafy salad
Mixed leafy salad
Leafy salad with sliced fresh lemon
Leafy salad with sliced fresh lemon
Baked chicken with herbs, garnished with the leafy salad
Baked chicken with herbs, garnished with the leafy salad

To cook radicchio, sauté and dressed with balsamic vinegar, the bitter and sweet tastes are excellent to go with grilled or fried meat.


Red Meat


Leg of lamb, it is excellent to roast, served with vegetables.  It is my family’s favourite for Sunday roast.   Australian lamb is the best, we love it.

On Easter, the leg of lamb is always in the menu, boiled eggs, chocolate eggs and Easter bread (it varies) to follow.

The leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic is ready to roast
The leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic is ready to roast
Potato and pumpkin


Vegetables to garnish the roast lamb
Golden and succulent roast leg of lamb
The gravy for the roast

The Easter treat for the family

Eater bread-steamed buns
Boiled Egg for Easter
Boiled Egg for Easter
Easter chocolate on a large brioche and Easter chocolate bunnies

It is just a glance of my Easter cooking for my family in the past, it is a joyful offering.

To be continued

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My Favourite Fruit

Fig is my favourite fruit, I love fresh figs to eat as they are, but also to have them in a salad or to garnish meat dishes.  My potted fig tree has 16 fruits this year, and today I harvested two of them.  They are small but I hope they taste delicious.

Potted Fig Tree with the Fruits
Potted Fig Tree with the Fruits
Sixteen figs on the Potted Fig Tree




Ripe Figs
Fresh Figs
Freshly Picked Fresh Figs

I have been very happy to have the potted fig tree, so far it gives me beautiful fruits, enough to harvest for the two of us.  It is not too hard to care for, regular watering and fertilizing are essential.

You could do so much with figs, dry them, poach and keep in syrup, grilled them and served with honey, and of course you could eat them fresh.

Serving the Fresh Fruit

Sliced fresh fig served with cold roast pork, and leafy greens-rockets, sorrels and fennel leaves, simply dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.  Delicious for Autumn meal.

Cold Roast Pork with Fresh Fig
Cold Roast Pork with Fresh Fig

Fresh figs don’t keep for a long time, enjoy while they are fresh and soft  So delicious, and delicate, they are the fruits for us all, the are the fruits for The Gods.

More about Figs to come.

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