Poached Pear

It is the season of pears, you can get them at their best now,  and I have been so lucky that I got free fresh pears from David, he is one of the members of our Table Tennis Club.  He has pear trees and now is the harvest season; out of his kindness he has been sharing some of the fruits.  I am sure everyone is happy to have some pears to enjoy.

I decided to cook some of the pears, and the rest we will eat them fresh.  Easy poached pear is the way to go, it is very simple cooking, what you need are a heavy based pot, peeled pears, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, bay leaves and water.

Recipe by Susi

Easy Poach Pears

6 semi ripe Pakham pears, peeled

1-cup sugar, combination of half white and raw sugar

1 cup water

1 cinnamon stick

1 star anise

2 bay leaves

Juice of a  half lemon

Put the pot over medium heat stove; cook the pears for 45-55 minutes, until the pears are completely soft.

When the pears are cooked, leave them in the syrup until you decide what you are going to serve them as.

To Use The Easy Poach Pears

For desserts – garnish with yoghurt or Cream

For further cooking –  use as a filling in brioche, chop and mix to bake muffins or teacakes.

For tarts –  place the sliced pear onto pastry, which is filled with cream custard and so forth.

 Cooking The Pears

Poached pears is bubbling away
Poaching the pears , it is bubbling away
Reduce the heat, cover the pot and keep on cooking for 45 minutes
The pear is cooked. They are juicy and soft.


Pears cooked in red wine and syrup is another cooking that is easy but delicious.  The pears become red in colour, they look festive.   I cooked pears  in red wine served simply with cream fraiche . It was a delectable dessert.

Short and Sweet Post

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