New Cymbidium Orchids

Red Cymbidum and Maroon Orchids
New orchids for the collection , they are red cascading and upright maroon.   We went to the orchids show this year but it was rather disappointing as there were not as many flowers as the previous year.  I asked one of the officials about it, and she said that it has been so cold this year, hopefully this coming orchids show which is taking place in the month of October is going to be better.

The Orchids

Up right cymbidium orchid Beautiful Reddish purple
Upright Cymbidium Orchid
Beautiful Maroon
Red  Cascading Cymbidium KABANO  ETNA
Red Cascading Cymbidium

I tried to learn more about the Kabano Etna but I could not find any information.  I would be pleased if you know what it is and your help will be much appreciated.  Thank you.
Some of the flowering orchids have finished flowering, and now the plants are outside the house, and I must remember to tidy up, clean the pots and keep them to rest at the right spot.  The ten long stems of cascading orchid lasted for about six weeks inside the house, I though it would last longer, anyway we had enjoyed it thoroughly and managed to show to some friends.

Pure White Orchid
The orchid has been in buds for a while, some of the buds are open,  and indeed the rest took their time to open up.

Now the pure white orchid is in full bloom, and brightens up the hallway-entrance of the house, I hope it will be staying for at least another month.

Pure White Cymbidium
Pure White Cymbidium

There are more spikes coming for the September-October flowering orchids, I am happy to tell you that one pot has nine spikes, and the other pots have only one or two.

Mini Orange Orchid


Mini Flowers Cymbidium Orchid
Mini Flowers Cymbidium

Another beautiful flowering cymbidium is outside and started to open, it is beautiful bright orange colour.

Cream Cymbidium.
The creamy orchids have been flowering since late June / early July this year, and I think I will be enjoying them for a little longer.  That is amazing.

Cream Cymbidium Orchis
Cream Cymbidium Orchis

Things to remember: after the orchids finished flowering,  take them out, place at the warm spots for a while, clean an water them, label the orchids and keep them at the right place.  This way hopefully next year the plants will flower again.

Winter months are orchid’s month, the orchids adorn inside the house.  Soon it will be spring, other flowers are blossoming, the roses will take over to adorn rooms inside our home.

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