The New Season is Here.

It is Spring now. We enjoy the outdoors activities,  It is great in the garden, specially when there is no wind, and the warmer weather keeps us pleasant to be in it.

In my backyard beautiful flowers from potted  cyclamen plants are so colourful,  the rose bushes, standard roses are starting to have buds,  all deciduous trees have new leaves.   In the vegetable patch all herbs are growing back.   Also the potted fig has new leaves and last but not least are the crab apple plants, they are showing off the buds, and they are almost in blossom.  Spring is here indeed.

Spring In The Backyard 2013

Bright Beautiful Daffodils
Bright Beautiful Daffodils
Potted Cycamen
Potted cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen
Bright Pink Cyclamen
Bright Pink Cyclam







The rain helps the grass grow faster, cutting the lawn is going to be done regularly, keeps us busy.  I took the advantage of the wet ground for fertilising the plants, it works easier and better that way.

Spring weather can be so lovely, It is time to go out more, walking, visiting the park and enjoy all beautiful gardens.

Curley Hot Pink Cyclamen
Curley Hot Pink Cyclamen

More potted plants are in flowers:  the cymbidium orchids have been flowering for sometime, and they are happy enough to be outside in the yard.

The joy of Spring time is the celebration of beautiful sunny days, the cool rains, and perfect warm weathers.  The birds and butterflies  are in the garden and beautiful to see.   Another joy of Spring is the ritual of gardening which begins again.  Planting, fixing, and improving whatever needs to be done.

Orange Cymbidium
Orange Cymbidium
Cymbidium are Flowering in the Backyard
Cymbidium are Flowering
in the Backyard


While the roses are budding, the hydrangea bushes start having new leaves, they are young and beautiful light lime green.  And the wisteria is showing off the flowers which we all have been waiting for the past few months.  I know it does not stay for a long time but it is worth it.  Even though it is a small plant which I have, but it is enough  to give me a hope during Winter time to look forward for a lovely blossoms in Spring.

Fresh herbs, edible flowers, salad greens some of them are there already, to be picked, what a luck to have those luxuries.  Everyday we could enjoy the freshly picked vegetables for salad,  Just as well it is so important for our daily diet.

Flowers-herbs and salad greens
Flowers-herbs and salad greens
Beautiful Wisteria
Beautiful Wisteri

The nectarine tree just finished blossoming, now new leaves are there and also little fruits are formed, I think we will have enough fruit this year.  I forgot to say that the citrus trees are very healthy, they give us so much every year, they had a good feed during the Spring rains, that makes them stronger.

Freshly Picked Mixed Salad
Freshly Picked Mixed Salad





The tall wall- the hedges stand tall but my word they do need tidying up.  Rayner is trying his very  best to manage this green wall, the wind break.  I always say that it keeps us safe to be outside in the backyard.

The Hedges-The Green Wall
The Hedges-The Green Wall

Topiary plants are looking good, the new leaves are growing beautifully, it is good to see.  It is a shame that sooner or later we have to trim them for a better shape.  Well it is the nature of topiary.

Balls Topiary  Beautifully Trimmed
Balls Topiary
Beautifully Trimmed
The Swan is Back It need trimming
The Swan is Back
It needs trimming
The kangaroo
It’s almost filling up

Fresh air during Spring time is good for inside the house.  It is becoming a habit of mine, opening the window daily every morning, to get the fresh air in to make the room smell fresh, and it benefits the indoor plants as well.  This time of the year a few orchids are inside the house.

Lime Green Cymbidium Ten Spikes in the Pot
Lime Green Cymbidium
Ten Spikes
Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet

100_9216 100_9219

The Cymbidium orchids are sitting inside the house, the morning fresh air keeps them healthy, and the flowers last for a long time.




Enjoy the new season, Spring 2013.

Crab apple tree is blossoming
Crab apple tree is blossoming
Crab Apple Tree
First Week Of Spring In the Backyard
First Week Of Spring
In the Backyard

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