Happy Chinese New Year.


What is it? Kue Keranjang is a traditional cake for Chinese New Year celebration.

I have been trying to cook the cake, unfortunately it has not been working so far.  The ingredients are glutenous rice flour, sugar and water, I don’t have the recipe and I could not find one.

Wikip: kue keranjang

Kue keranjang was used as an offering to spirits, just before New Year (Jie Sie Siang Ang) until the day of Imlek. As an offering, this cake should not be eaten until Chap Goh Meh (15 days after Imlek).

People believe[citation needed] that the cake was given to satisfy Dewa Tungku, who was supposed to deliver a report to the Heavenly King (玉皇大帝,Yu Huang Da Di). The shape is round, symbolizing unity and peace. (Wikip}


Today the 31 January 2014 is Chinese New Year – The Year of The Horse.  Chinese people all over the world is celebrating the New Year with festivity.

On that Note:  I wish you all a very happy Chinese New Year, may you are blessed with health and prosperity.  Enjoy the celebration and happy feasting.

For this year  the kue keranjang is served and enjoyed on the sixteen of January.



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Two Zero One Four

My best wishes for a happy New Year 2014
Have a healthy, prosperous and successful Year.

We had friends and family together in the new year’s Eve.  The grand kids were with us and they spent overnight, it was good to see them.  Mary Rose has grown up, she is eight years and a very good big sister.  Thomas is six, Henry is three years old, and Lily is one year and 9 months.  A family with four children under eight years is enough to make parents busy but happy, it is a very big responsibility.  Well done Mel and Lance.   Melanie did well to drive down to Traralgon with Henry and Lily, Lance took Mary Rose and Thomas in his car.  I appreciated so much for their visit, it was not easy to organise the trips with young children.

We had a good time with them, the grand kids were happy to run around playing in the backyard.  We prepared it well for them.

IMG_0571 IMG_0575

Enjoying fresh air and garden  in the backyard.

Mary Rose, Thomas, Lily is far behind
Mary Rose, Thomas, Lily is in the background
Lily in the backyard
Thomas and Mary Rose
in the backyard

Two of us and Melanie’s family makes eight, I set the table for eight for a special dinner, a roast turkey as promised.  We were happy enough even though the turkey was over cooked, the grand kids ate well but they had very small serve.  They loved the dessert which was only chocolate icy cream.  I did prepare a pie, poached apple in red wine in brioche, but I did not get around to baking it, instead I baked it the next day to serve for lunch.

Dinner for Eight No entree, but dessert
Dinner for Eight
No entrée, but dessert
Turkey Garnished with fresh herbs and flowers, 2013
Turkey Garnished with fresh herbs and flowers, 2013

We were expecting Thomas’ godparents, Lucy and John for lunch.  We had a good catch up, specially Melanie and Lance were pleased to see them at our place as they have not seen them for a while.  That was their first visit, they loved our garden.  We had the luncheon in our backyard, and these are what I prepared, cheese and egg pie in Susy’s water pastry, mixed leafy salad, turkey and mustard sandwiches, lemper (rice rolls stuffed with sweet meat),  it is Javanese cooking, and the sweets were peach and mango square cake and the apple pie.

turkey sandwiches
turkey sandwiches
Apple poached in red wine in brioche
(open apple pie)

Cakes and Savouries

Savoury Rounds for snacking
Savoury Rounds
for snacking
Peach and Mango Square
mini rose sponge cakes
mini rose sponge cakes

The grand kids loved the mini rose sponge cake, it is very soft, sweet and moist.

Lunch in Our Backyard

Lance, Melanie and Henry
Melanie, Henry and Rayner
Susy serving the salad
Susy is serving the salad
Lance, Rayner and John

We took the advantage of the beautiful weather, it was sunny, dry and not too hot.  Over all we had a good time to be outdoor.  The grand kids were happy eating icy cream, just the perfect time for it.

Henry, Thomas and Lily
Henry, Thomas and Lily
Mary Rose
Lily and Henry

The last day of the year,  we were blessed to have people around.

Hi, happy New Year’s Eve everyone!
Rayner and Susy
with our guests
Lucy, John, Lance and Melanie

That was our gathering in December 2013.  Thank you Mel for taking everyone home, and thanks to Lucy and John for visiting.  See you again in the new year.
They left Traralgon in the afternoon.   She rang us after she got home, and it was a pleasant journey.

To think back, I should play more with the grand kids, but other things had to be attended to in order to make everyone happy.  It was a great time and we shall do it again. Today is the last day of the season  traditionally,  the 6th of January is the  Epiphany,the three wise man from the East came to visit baby Jesus.  Hope you had a great Christmas and My best wishes for a very happy New Year 2014.

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