Happy Chinese New Year.


What is it? Kue Keranjang is a traditional cake for Chinese New Year celebration.

I have been trying to cook the cake, unfortunately it has not been working so far.  The ingredients are glutenous rice flour, sugar and water, I don’t have the recipe and I could not find one.

Wikip: kue keranjang

Kue keranjang was used as an offering to spirits, just before New Year (Jie Sie Siang Ang) until the day of Imlek. As an offering, this cake should not be eaten until Chap Goh Meh (15 days after Imlek).

People believe[citation needed] that the cake was given to satisfy Dewa Tungku, who was supposed to deliver a report to the Heavenly King (玉皇大帝,Yu Huang Da Di). The shape is round, symbolizing unity and peace. (Wikip}


Today the 31 January 2014 is Chinese New Year – The Year of The Horse.  Chinese people all over the world is celebrating the New Year with festivity.

On that Note:  I wish you all a very happy Chinese New Year, may you are blessed with health and prosperity.  Enjoy the celebration and happy feasting.

For this year  the kue keranjang is served and enjoyed on the sixteen of January.



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