Happy Easter


It is a belated wish to you for a Happy Easter, I hope your Easter was very enjoyable and a happy one.

We had a lovely Easter with our grand children and their parents.  Mary Rose, Thomas, Henry and Lily always are fun to be with, also  it was good to see their mum-Melanie and dad-Lance.

It was a feast at Easter, and my cooking from the Good Friday to Easter Sunday was well received even though the dishes were not perfect.  We had Good Friday buns and  an earthy Easter Crown bread on Sunday with hard boiled Eggs.


Good Friday Buns based on a recipe 1875, they were so good and easy to prepare.

Good Friday Buns
Good Friday Buns


Hard boiled eggs are there every Easter, to share.  This year the Easter Crown were decorated with these Easter eggs

Hard boiled eggs in herbs
Hard boiled eggs in herbs


The Easter Crown was made of brioche, and decorated with the hard boiled eggs.

Easter Crown 2014
Easter Crown 2014

We had enjoyed the Easter celebration, and the delicious buns.

The recipe of the buns is here for you,  bake them for next Easter.  But you can bake the buns without crosses and serve them at any occasions.


Good Friday Buns

75g butter

500 g plain flour

150warm milk mixed with 18gr yeast

350ml warm milk

A pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients to make batter.

Place it in a warm place to rise

Add in 125 g sugar, 125 g mixed dried fruits (sultana, currants orange candies) and add a teaspoon mixed spices (clove, nutmeg and mace powder)

Have extra flour ready to knead the dough very lightly

Knead this well into a dough, make it up into buns, and place them on buttered baking – tins.   Make a cross on them with the back of a knife, and brush a little clarified butter over the top. Wait for 10 minutes or more, and bake in a good hot oven 175 C degrees (pan forced) for 22 minutes.

Makes 16


Based on —Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery with Numerous Illustrations[Cassell, Petter, Galpin &Co.:London] 1875


 Happy Baking and Have Fun.

Until Next Post




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