Roses and Citruses


The last roses in the garden, before pruning.  It is time to harvest  the limes, lemons and pomelo.  Snapshots of roses and citruses from my garden.


The rest of the roses are ready for a rest, they are no longer flowering. That’s the last red rose, I thought I have to safe it from the cold, now it is inside the house.

The white iceberg roses have been stop flowering for a while, and also the mini roses.

Pruning is a big job, and it has to be done yearly and correctly, I am glad that I did it this time without any trouble.



Lime and pomelo are giving us a good harvest this year, but the mandarin is not doing very well.

The limes are more than enough for what I need, surely I could share the fruits with friends.

The pomelo tree is a standard tree which is very small tree, but amazingly it can carry seven large fruits this time.  I have a recipe to share.


Pomelo and Avocado Salad

A cup of pomelo meat or flash

1 avocado, peeled and sliced

1 tablespoon almond silvered.


Juice of a lime

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

Fresh herbs-flat parsley

(Mix all ingredients together)

Place the pomelo, avocado in a serving bowl, add in the dressing (prior serving).

Toss them together, garnished with the almonds.

Serve the salad with: grilled fish, or chicken.  It is good too, to accompany with fried fish in batter.

The new lemon tree has about a dozen fruits also, the plant has settled well.

It is a late Winter now.   The new young leaves of the roses have started to come out.

The garden looks so dull but thanks to the citruses, specially the yellow lemons for lighting up the garden, 


Indeed there are no roses during Winter, but the orchids are coming to flowers.  No, no dull moment actually, always flowers for us.



Until the next post.

Thanks For Visiting




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