Spring has truly sprung, I could see the beautiful blossom in the backyard.  The nectarine tree has a lot of flowers, it indicates that the tree will have a lot of fruits.  It is white nectarine, so juicy and delicious.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe first Sunday in Spring is Father’s Day in Australia.   A beautiful sunny day today, is a perfect for the celebration of Father’s Day.  I wish you all fathers to have a wonderful and a lovely day.  It’s unfortunate that I could not travel this time, we have to cancel our visit to the kids and grand kids.  Sorry dear family, I will see you all soon.

We enjoyed the sunny Sunday, and took some pictures in the backyard.  At a glance it looks beautiful, but the weeding need to be done.  Yes, always time for it, soon perhaps.


IMG_0812Cooking for father’s day was an easy roast dinner.  It worked well and Rayner said it was good.  I am having a  cold, I could not taste anything, but I am pleased that I cooked.  It was not a good idea to go out for a Pic nick, as I am not that fit to be around people with my coughs.  Stay at home was the best way to be.

 A Roast for Rayner

A simple roast dinner, I managed to cook, and also I could enjoy it as well, even though I could not tell if it was good or not.  The dinner was a roast chicken with potato, vegetables served with gravy, followed by a sweet-mini orange cake with fresh strawberry and segments of oranges.  Simple but sweet.

Classic roast chicken with bread stuffing cannot go wrong.  No recipe to share this time, but this Spring should be a lot more interesting cooking and recipes for you.

I am keeping my tradition, that is serving my home cooking for the family is very important, and more so for today, it is a very special day.

The Home Cooking for The first Sunday in Spring.





I hope I made a right decision to spend more time in the backyard.  Fresh air is good for you, I understood.

On that note, I wish you all having a good Sunday -a good Father’s  Day.  It is such a glorious Spring Day.

 Celebrate Spring, the beautiful season.



Until Next Post




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