SPRING CLEANING For . . . . . .

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter.  The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name.  (Wikipedia)

At My Place.

Is it  spring cleaning . . . . .  No, not really.  We are getting ready for the grand kids to come for a visit during the school holiday.  They love to play in the backyard, and when the weather is good we like to have our meals outdoors.  The table setting was so dirty, not acceptable to be used, so cleaning up was taking place.
No, not a spring cleaning, we need to do it though, not only cleaning inside the house but also cleaning up the garden.

Outdoor Furniture is washed, nice and clean
Outdoor Furniture is washed, It is nice and clean

The grand kids are always enthusiastic to come to stay, specially they are so pleased that they will be sleeping over.  Bedrooms are aired allowing fresh air to come in to make the rooms cleaner and fresher.

In the Garden . . . . indeed we started to clean, to weed, to tidy up and we got the rewards already, a bunch of pretty flowers,  and  fresh vegetables, self sewn Swiss Chards from last year, and my goodness there are plenty of seedlings popping up every where.  There will be more greens this Summer.
Spring in the garden is work, ” Spring Cleaning”, I mentioned it to a friend, but Spring in the garden can be fun and joyful.

Flowers-Spring Flowers
Flowers-Spring Flowers
Fresh herbs and Lamb lettuce


Harvesting fresh vegetables, cleaning and washing the Swiss Chards.

101_5685 101_5694 101_5695 101_5696

Viva Vegies is the theme of our cooking this time.  Healthy and happy food  for happy grand children.
Vegetable cheese pie, I am sure is going to be delicious, more so the pastry is the home made water pastry.
Vegetables are easy to harvest, but it takes time to wash to get them clean from the dirt, however I am so pleased that we got the them fresh from our own backyard.

Vegetable and Cheese Pie
Vegetable and Cheese Pie

Special water pastry I prepared today, it is added with an egg to get extra light and crispy.
Resting the pastry for half an hour is necessary before rolling out to make a finer sheets of pastry.

Spring feast is happening right now, cooking for Spring is always exciting, it does not take time, and it is fresh and not too greasy.   HHHHMMMMM, spring – lamb or roast beef with herbs is on the menu.  Javanese spices, or Middle eastern I must choose.  Both are superb to be served with Rice, just see.

Vegetable and Cheese Pie with a Rich Water Pastry (egg was added)

101_5761 101_5775

The mixed herbs were useful indeed, they flavoured the pie and the beef which was a good enough roast dish,  but it could have been better.  Roast cooking can be tricky, depending upon the cut, the size and the right technique to do it.  I come to a realisation now that I may have to stay with the lamb for a family roast.  The eye round cut was large enough, but because it’s too lean, the meat was not juicy and tender as I would have expected.
No rice was served, instead we had baked potatoes, baked pumpkin, boiled peas, it was a very simple cooking.

Other cooking were sweets, and bakmi goreng is one of my family favourites.  Sandwiches were always there for the family and the grand kids loved them too.

Pavlova with fresh fruits
Pavlova with fresh fruits

No, we did not do the ‘spring cleaning’, but cleaning up for the garden was necessary to make a safe place for us and for the young kids to be in.
It was good to see that the four grand kids were all well, Mary Rose, Thomas, Henry and Lily,  they were happy playing, running around in the backyard.

The Snap Shots

Grand kids and the family in the backyard are having fun, enjoying the Spring weather.


Susi-Nana, grand kids (Henry, Thomas, Lily and Mary Rose), Rayner – Pop and Melanie (the mother of the grand kids).

It was good to see them during the school holidays,  we had so much fun, and we enjoyed a good Spring feast indeed.

They left for Melbourne in a late afternoon, and Melanie did a good job to drive home safely, she is a good driver.  The children love her so much, she is a good mother.


The preparations and tidying up the garden were very useful and successful.  The four grand kids enjoyed the visit. I am sure they are having fun for the rest of the school holidays, it is a big time for all parents to entertain their children.  They do well, don’t they!

101_5731 (111x83)

After having the family home is the cleaning up.  Putting things back to the right places, which will take us a week or more.  We work less faster then before, but it’s all good. Cleaning up the stove, putting the jars to the pantry etc.  Also large vases for cut flowers have to be attended, they needed clean water, these all are routine house keeping basically, but they have to be done as well.

Preserved Fruits and Orange peels in Syrup
Preserved Fruits and Orange peels in Syrup

101_5598 101_5600

The word Cleaning is Daunting to me, more so Spring cleaning.   But we can enjoy the season, the beautiful Spring times.



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