Beautiful Roses

We are enjoying our rose garden, specially the red roses which are in full bloom.  It is the first flowering round, the stems are long. the flowers are large and very beautiful.  My friend  Eileen came over and she told me that  her rose garden is healthy and the flowers are amazing too.  She said that this year is the year for roses.  It is indeed.

Fresh cut flowers from our garden,  the red roses

101_6171 101_6177 101_6182 101_6213

101_6457 101_6458

The red roses are so beautiful in a tall red vase.

Other rose bushes are in flower too, and now they are looking lovely.  Soon the iceberg roses will be in full bloom, right now they are in buds.

The Iceberg Rose Bushes.



Other roses: Just Joy, Angel Ice, Peace Rose and Yellow Graham Thomas.

101_6503 101_6504 101_6507 Celebrate the roses with friends, and cakes, tea are served in our garden.  It is such a lovely place to be right now, so peaceful.  One afternoon delicious sponge cake filled with cream and passion fruit topping was the cake of the day for our family and friends.  No recipe for you, it is sponge with four eggs, standard recipe that you know already.101_6508

101_6474 101_6477

I cannot go without fresh cut flowers for our home, 101_6519I am lucky  to have mixed roses for our table today  which I got from my own garden.
So it seems that I have grown to love roses more and more in my later life.
Roses are beautiful flowers, everyone must has rose bushes in their garden.

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