Cake To Share

Now it is  late Spring, I celebrate the garden, enjoy the beautiful  roses and the  greens.   It is the best place to escape from it all.  While I was walking outside in the backyard, I noticed that the hydrangea shrubs are budding, when they are in full bloom we shall be delighted to be walking through the hydrangea lane, from the front yard, heading to the backyard passing through this beautiful and colourful space.

My garden  tells the story every season which I appreciate, and whatever I am there I am at peace.  October is the sacred month to me, to us, three birthday girls celebrate their birthdays.  And this year in no different, everyone is one year older.  To mark the occasion I give what I know best, cooking for family and  friends,  cooking for the gods.

Rose Petals Cake, for Us
It is filled with custard and white chocolate and dressed with meringue of top.  Our cake, a special shared birthday cake for me and my daughter ‘s,  Jane.  It is  a very beautiful cake, soft, sweet and luscious.  I thought it is appropriate that I bake cakes to share with our friends the same cake,  or at least similar.

101_6571 101_6582

Baking and sharing with our sport club  monthly is good,  there is no hardship, and loving it.  This month is a special month, it is my special day which I am very grateful to my parents, my family and friends.  To that I shared a special cake,  the Rose petals cake.

Dressing up the Cake was quick enough.  What I need was only to be organised. The cakes were filled the night before with custard cream and white chocolate, so smooth and sweet.

101_6613 101_6616 101_6618 Meringue and pink butter ici101_6631ng were  prepared the day before, what I did was only assembling and cut into pieces which enable to take the pieces.  No pink butter icing for the cake only icing powder for the topping.

What is the recipe?   May be next time, but if you wish to make the meringue, it is very easy.  The little meringues were made out of a pavlova mixture.  These are what you need, a cup level of caster sugar, added with a tablespoonful of granulated sugar.  2 large egg white, a pinch of salt , a teaspoon corn flour and a teaspoon white vinegar.  The process is the same the way to prepare pavlova.  Using a teaspoon, spoon the mixture place them on a lined baking tray.  It made about 5 dozens.  Bake in a very low heat at 100 C degrees for one hour and twenty minutes.  Let them cool on the baking tray.

I was not sure about the rose petal cake, was it too sweets and too dry.  Is it good to be shared with friends who are playing sport?  But I decided to take them along, they were two cakes which were enough for a crowd.  People liked it, it was no complain.   The following day friends came over for afternoon tea and enjoyed the rose petal cake dressed with icing and meringue on top (a richer), in fact a friend mentioned that the cake was so good and not too sweet, she loved it.  What a relief, I am very pleased to know that.

Tomorrow is Thursday, a day that I usually play table tennis,  I will be there with confidence that everyone is going to be alright.  It is easy to share home baking, but we ought to remember that only good and healthy food is shared.  Next time may be ‘scones’, instead of sweet cakes, anyway we are allowed to indulge ourself once awhile.

Healthy cakes which are excellent to be shared are all tea cakes, fruit cakes, moist vegetable cakes (carrots, zucchini).  Butter cakes and sponges are good too, but simply dust them with icing and filled with custard or light cream.



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