One Egg Sponge. . . . . .?????

I wanted to prove to myself that I could bake a good sponge using one egg only.  I was brave enough to try.  I measured the ingredients, I did the preparations carefully and thoroughly.   I put the ready cake mixture in a single – sponge tin in the oven, to bake for 11 minutes.   I peeped from the oven window  at the last minute of the baking time and I saw that the cake had sunken in the middle,  and my heart did too.  What was the problem?, this is my first but for four eggs sponge that I baked, they have never failed.  Anyway after 16 minutes baking, I took it out to cool, and it became dry.

The sunken one egg sponge
Spread some jam on the sponge

I wanted to enjoy a fluffy and light sponge, as I have enough whipped cream ready to dress.  No I would not have my dream sponge, however I did not want to throw the sponge out after my efforts, it was a lot of work:  sifted the flour, beaten the egg and sugar, lined the pan, and all good ingredients to go into it and the fuel for the baking.  I decided to keep it, and dress with jam, cream and covered the middle bit with fresh fruits.

Cut the  sponge onto two
Cut the sponge onto two

The cake sunken in the middle and  the cake was not moist, it was a rather rough in texture and dry.  What was the problem?
The problems were:  the mixture was to thick- to much flour, over beat the mixture, the oven door did not close properly-not even heat circulated in the oven, it was baked too long,  12 minutes should be enough instead of 16 minutes

It looks alright, I think it is acceptable enough, I will have it with my tea.  Indeed I would not serve the cake for a guest, a friend or even my children.

Place the other halve sponge back on top Fill the gap in the middle with sliced strawberries and fresh blue berries
It filled with whipped cream


The mixed berries were added with some honey and the cake dusted with icing sugar,  Not bad at all.

The dressed sponge

Two slices of the sponge cake were served for Rayner and for Me.   MMMMM,  not the best but it was OK.  It was good that I could save the cake not wasting it. I promise to bake one egg sponge to perfection one day, and I will post the recipe to you.

Sponge to serve

To save the sunken sponge: Crumb the cake add some liquor, and use it for rum balls.  Other ways to save it  is add some sherry or other liquors for a tipsy cake, or have it for a trifle what you need to do is make custard and jelly.  It could be a treat, trifle served in a mid week instead of for Christmas.


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We are waiting for the royal princesses: Jane, her husband Ed and her gorgeous son Milo,  They are coming  home for a visit, they have been everywhere, enjoying their journey during their holidays.  It is time to come home now, and they are in Melbourne spending time with the  sisters.

Belated happy birthday Jane, I am glad that you have been enjoying your holidays in New Zealand.  Now you are spending time with your friends and family, it is going to be great fun and I am sure you are having a lovely catch up.

Cooking for the Princesses, cooking for the gods.

Birthday cake and goodies specially for you.  Rose petal cake with custard and white chocolate filling is the birthday cake.  And a large savoury brioche ( a bundle of  joy) also  chicken stuffed with egg and truffle, these dishes are going to be a treat for us all.

101_6882101_6826Sugared rose petals for the cake decoration.  Simplicity is always the best, it suits me better as I don’t know piping work for cake decorations,  they are indeed beautiful if you know how to.



Filling up the cakes, into layers with custard and white chocolate.



101_6836 101_6837Getting the sinew out to make sure only good meat remains for easy eating.

Stuffing chicken with egg and black truffle
Stuffing chicken with egg and black truffle

Stuffing the chicken beautifully, and place on a baking dish to cook.101_6923 101_6928

 Cleaning and cutting out the sinew is very important to get  soft texture in the meat for pleasant eating.

The savoury brioche or the bundle of Joy, is stuffed brioche with egg and ragu, place in a large round tray for baking.

101_6864 101_6867 101_6873Preparation for the brioche was very involved, starting with making ragu, after that,  the ragu is shaped into round balls and stuffed with soft boiled eggs.  Keep them cold in the refrigerator.  Stuff the brioche of each with the stuffed ragu,  then place them on a lined baking tray to make a circle.  When it’s baked it looks  like a giant bundle.101_6874

101_6940Beautiful stuffed brioche, served hot, room temperature or cold.  It is very good to be served the next day, good for transportation, and it is an  excellent pic nic food.

The preparations were very useful, the food was served on the day she arrived, it was so good to see Jane’s family and her friend Lauren who drove them home.  Thank you Lauren.  The lunch with Lauren was good,we had  golden rice/turmeric rice served with the precious stuffed chicken, salad, and the brioche,  the birthday cake was the dessert.

More delicious food for Jane and her family.  Milo loves his vegetables, he is not keen with the meat yet, but he loves his sweets, who would not.  However more delicious food I did, and the everyone loved it.

Lunch with Lauren
Lunch with Lauren
Lauren, Ed, Susi and Jane  in Our Backyard
Lauren, Ed, Susi and Jane
in Our Backyard
Jane's birthday cake with red roses  sugared petals
Jane’s birthday cake with red roses sugared petals







Milo chocolate cake for dear Milo, traditional Australian roast leg of lamb to welcome home for Jane and family.

Leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic is ready for roasting
Leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic is ready for roasting


101_7063 Pic Nic was great, we had the basket full of sandwiches and the cold brioches.

Pick Nick in the Rose Garden Morwell with Jane's Family
Pick Nick in the Rose Garden Morwell with Jane’s Family

101_7088 101_7131

He loves his breakfasts, and at nana’s house, pop cooked porridge for everyone, and Milo enjoyed it and he asked for more.101_7150

Porridge for breakfast
Porridge for breakfast

Milo loves his sweets, lucky that nana baked beautiful cakes for him.

IMG_0825Edwin is keen to take photos

More cooking before they were leaving.  Georgie and Felix came by car to pick them up.  It was good to see them, thank you Georgie and Felix. I was pleased serving them a vegetarian lunch, the menu is very simple but good.  Mini spinach and cheese pies, Javanese resoles (pancake filled with vegetables ragu ) and leafy salad.  Mini apple strudel, wedges chocolate cakes with meringue to close off the meal, and freshly brewed tea in a pot.

Luncheon with Georgie and Felix, our guest of honor
Lunch with Georgie and Felix
Apple strudels and Milo Cake
Georgie, baby Felix, Ed, Jane and Milo, at our backyard
Georgie, baby Felix, Ed, Jane and Milo, in our backyard

They were a lot of cooking, before she comes, and also when she was with us.  The things I do for my family, particularly with Jane and her family as they don’t come home very often.  I did make the best of it, and I am pleased that she had a good stay, Milo had a good time too  so did his papa Ed.  They enjoyed my cooking, our company and we had a lovely catch up.  I did all of that because I wanted to, and I was able to do it and of course we love our children, we love Jane. She said that it was a gorgeous visit, short but sweet.  Thank you Jane, until next time.  Actually it was a surprise trip for them as Jane is expecting a baby girl (Ivy), and it’s due in February 2015, the surprise trip, indeed made us happy.  We got to see Jane and the family, we had a great time.  Love you All!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESGeorgie and Felix, took our Jane and her family to the hotel in Melbourne.  And the following day they are meeting with her sisters again, and Milo was happy to see his cousins for the third time.  They left for the Netherlands by Singapore airline on the 16 of November.  Wishing you all to have a pleasant journey and a good flight and happy landing.  God Bless You all.

It’s all about having the family home, caring for them, having a good time with them, and serving home cooking for them, and this occasion is for Jane.  It was good to have you and your precious family home.  Jane always looks happy and petty, and with her pregnancy she even  looks more beautiful.


The good news:  I am happy and pleased to know that Jane and her family had arrived in the Netherlands safely.  Milo is very happy to find his books, other toys and now he can sleep on his bed in his own room.  Milo is such a happy little boy, we got to know him better now.  We miss you, we love you Milo.  To you Jane, Have a good rest.  xx


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Sunny Day

On a sunny day, I took some pictures of my flower plants which are in flower right now, the garden is looking beautiful,  thanks to the warm weather and the rains.  The red roses are almost finished flowering, they don’t stay for long,  but soon they will be flowering again for the second round.  In my garden while I enjoy the beautiful day, I learn to take time, and  it is wonderful.

Natural colours, natural beauty,  yes we can imitate them but we cannot beat them.  Look  at these beautifully coloured roses, from Just Joy, Red Rose and the Peace Rose, they are simply marvelous.

Orange colour of Just Joy, is bright and beautiful
Orange colour of Just Joy Rose, is bright and beautiful
Red Rose with it's natural colour, absolutely gorgeous
Red Rose with it’s natural colour, absolutely gorgeous
Red rose, you are a beauty
Peace Rose has beautiful yellow with a touch of pink
Peace Rose has beautiful yellow with a touch of pink

To celebrate the sunny day,  I prepare delicious food and serve them outdoors for the family, enjoy and apprciate the garden with the loved ones

Brioche and rice rolls are excellent to be served at room temperature, and they are easy  to handle by hand.  Rice roll is another food which is fit to be served and  eaten outdoors, and it is very easy to prepare too.

Rice Rolls with Meat and Vegetables
Rice Rolls with Meat and Vegetables
Brioche a te te filled with ragu vegetables and meat
Brioche a te te filled with ragu vegetables and meat

On a sunny day, enjoy the garden, pick some fresh flowers to share with friends, put them in vases for inside the house.  Pick fresh herbs and greens to have a composed salad.

freshly cut flowers from the garden
freshly cut flowers from the garden
A beautiful Buquet

A bouquet of beautiful flowers from the garden for a special gift to a friend is always lovely.    I would be very proud. and pleased to do it.

Nothing is more beautiful than cut fresh flowers from the garden to adorn the rooms of the house.  I do it most of the times as an ode to the flowers in season.

Freshly cut red roses
Red roses in a vase

Freshly cut greens and herbs for a composed salad is the way to go, enjoy the salad to accompany any meat or other proteins.  We all need a good balanced diet.  On a sunny day we enjoy our salad  with the BBQ or a fresh home baked bread.

Fresh Greens
Fresh Greens
Freshly Picked Mixed Salad
Freshly Picked Mixed Salad

On a sunny day, go out pack the pick nick basket enjoy eating outdoors, visiting gardens and smelling the roses, enjoy the colour of spring.  Wherever I am in a garden I belong and am at peace.


A Pick Nick Day
A Pick Nick Day

2014-10-18 14.42.39 2014-10-18 14.43.33The sun keeps us warm, we enjoy the garden.  Rayner was there, no I was not alone,  by myself.  One had to take the pictures.

This  is a rose garden, it has variety of roses,  each rose is named after a special and important person..  It is beautiful in Spring to Summer, Once we took our daughter and her family to have a pick nick here, and Mary Rose our first grand child was happy sitting on her pram enjoyed the garden.

Susi with Lance, Melanie and their baby Mary Rose.
Susi and Rayner with Melanie and Mary Rose

Most of all, my appreciation of a sunny day is spending quality time with my family in the backyard, our lovely garden, and I am happy sharing delicious home cooking with them.


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