Sunny Day

On a sunny day, I took some pictures of my flower plants which are in flower right now, the garden is looking beautiful,  thanks to the warm weather and the rains.  The red roses are almost finished flowering, they don’t stay for long,  but soon they will be flowering again for the second round.  In my garden while I enjoy the beautiful day, I learn to take time, and  it is wonderful.

Natural colours, natural beauty,  yes we can imitate them but we cannot beat them.  Look  at these beautifully coloured roses, from Just Joy, Red Rose and the Peace Rose, they are simply marvelous.

Orange colour of Just Joy, is bright and beautiful
Orange colour of Just Joy Rose, is bright and beautiful
Red Rose with it's natural colour, absolutely gorgeous
Red Rose with it’s natural colour, absolutely gorgeous
Red rose, you are a beauty
Peace Rose has beautiful yellow with a touch of pink
Peace Rose has beautiful yellow with a touch of pink

To celebrate the sunny day,  I prepare delicious food and serve them outdoors for the family, enjoy and apprciate the garden with the loved ones

Brioche and rice rolls are excellent to be served at room temperature, and they are easy  to handle by hand.  Rice roll is another food which is fit to be served and  eaten outdoors, and it is very easy to prepare too.

Rice Rolls with Meat and Vegetables
Rice Rolls with Meat and Vegetables
Brioche a te te filled with ragu vegetables and meat
Brioche a te te filled with ragu vegetables and meat

On a sunny day, enjoy the garden, pick some fresh flowers to share with friends, put them in vases for inside the house.  Pick fresh herbs and greens to have a composed salad.

freshly cut flowers from the garden
freshly cut flowers from the garden
A beautiful Buquet

A bouquet of beautiful flowers from the garden for a special gift to a friend is always lovely.    I would be very proud. and pleased to do it.

Nothing is more beautiful than cut fresh flowers from the garden to adorn the rooms of the house.  I do it most of the times as an ode to the flowers in season.

Freshly cut red roses
Red roses in a vase

Freshly cut greens and herbs for a composed salad is the way to go, enjoy the salad to accompany any meat or other proteins.  We all need a good balanced diet.  On a sunny day we enjoy our salad  with the BBQ or a fresh home baked bread.

Fresh Greens
Fresh Greens
Freshly Picked Mixed Salad
Freshly Picked Mixed Salad

On a sunny day, go out pack the pick nick basket enjoy eating outdoors, visiting gardens and smelling the roses, enjoy the colour of spring.  Wherever I am in a garden I belong and am at peace.


A Pick Nick Day
A Pick Nick Day

2014-10-18 14.42.39 2014-10-18 14.43.33The sun keeps us warm, we enjoy the garden.  Rayner was there, no I was not alone,  by myself.  One had to take the pictures.

This  is a rose garden, it has variety of roses,  each rose is named after a special and important person..  It is beautiful in Spring to Summer, Once we took our daughter and her family to have a pick nick here, and Mary Rose our first grand child was happy sitting on her pram enjoyed the garden.

Susi with Lance, Melanie and their baby Mary Rose.
Susi and Rayner with Melanie and Mary Rose

Most of all, my appreciation of a sunny day is spending quality time with my family in the backyard, our lovely garden, and I am happy sharing delicious home cooking with them.


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