One Egg Sponge. . . . . .?????

I wanted to prove to myself that I could bake a good sponge using one egg only.  I was brave enough to try.  I measured the ingredients, I did the preparations carefully and thoroughly.   I put the ready cake mixture in a single – sponge tin in the oven, to bake for 11 minutes.   I peeped from the oven window  at the last minute of the baking time and I saw that the cake had sunken in the middle,  and my heart did too.  What was the problem?, this is my first but for four eggs sponge that I baked, they have never failed.  Anyway after 16 minutes baking, I took it out to cool, and it became dry.

The sunken one egg sponge
Spread some jam on the sponge

I wanted to enjoy a fluffy and light sponge, as I have enough whipped cream ready to dress.  No I would not have my dream sponge, however I did not want to throw the sponge out after my efforts, it was a lot of work:  sifted the flour, beaten the egg and sugar, lined the pan, and all good ingredients to go into it and the fuel for the baking.  I decided to keep it, and dress with jam, cream and covered the middle bit with fresh fruits.

Cut the  sponge onto two
Cut the sponge onto two

The cake sunken in the middle and  the cake was not moist, it was a rather rough in texture and dry.  What was the problem?
The problems were:  the mixture was to thick- to much flour, over beat the mixture, the oven door did not close properly-not even heat circulated in the oven, it was baked too long,  12 minutes should be enough instead of 16 minutes

It looks alright, I think it is acceptable enough, I will have it with my tea.  Indeed I would not serve the cake for a guest, a friend or even my children.

Place the other halve sponge back on top Fill the gap in the middle with sliced strawberries and fresh blue berries
It filled with whipped cream


The mixed berries were added with some honey and the cake dusted with icing sugar,  Not bad at all.

The dressed sponge

Two slices of the sponge cake were served for Rayner and for Me.   MMMMM,  not the best but it was OK.  It was good that I could save the cake not wasting it. I promise to bake one egg sponge to perfection one day, and I will post the recipe to you.

Sponge to serve

To save the sunken sponge: Crumb the cake add some liquor, and use it for rum balls.  Other ways to save it  is add some sherry or other liquors for a tipsy cake, or have it for a trifle what you need to do is make custard and jelly.  It could be a treat, trifle served in a mid week instead of for Christmas.


A post of a short simple topic and a sweet one.


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