In our backyard.

The sun comes up today, it’s a sunny day and I have been enjoying our backyard.  The common fig trees is losing the leaves but there are three fruits which are hung on to the branches.  Swiss chard are growing so well, they are such beautiful vegetables, not only in colour but they very valuable for our health, they contains a lot of iron and potassium.  Vegetable scroll pie is on the menu today  which celebrate the fresh Swiss chard.

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To cook and bake the pie, simply using water pastry or you can use bought Philo pastry.

Water pastry with egg, it is richer and the pastry makes a soft and crispy crust.


102_0019 102_0022 102_0025 First mix the ingredients together, knead it for ten minutes to make a soft and smooth dough,  Place and wrap in a cloth for 25 minutes before kneading to make thin sheets pastry.

From the backyard to Kitchen.

Vegetable Scroll Pie


The filling

Cooked Swiss chard-(sauteed with oil)
200 g Feta cheese
4 eggs
(Mix all ingredients together, add chopped fresh herbs-chives, oregano and parsley and season with salt)

To fill the pies.
Make long thin sheets  pastry  about 25 cm length and 18 cm width, butter in between two sheets.
Take the buttered sheets pastry,  put and spread two tablespoons filling on it, and close to roll the filling.
From the edge close to your, coil the stuffed pastry to make a circle.  Do the rest to make a few
Bake in a hot oven for 22 minutes,  you can  brush the top with extra melted butter.

To serve
Serve hot with side salad.  It is delicious to serve cold.  The pie is good for pick nick.

The Swiss chard plants will be here to stay through out winter, in any case the leaves will grow broader and the steam will be thicker too.  They do grow better in the cold weather.

This monthSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES is mid April, and Rayner has already harvest the apples, there are not a lot but enough for us.  His olive tree has a lot of olives this year.  It will be busy preserving when it is ready to harvest.

102_0511 102_0513It is all good to have vegetable patch, fruit trees in the backyard.  Harvesting is the best as we could enjoy the fruits, to eat fresh or to cook them, to preserve the olives and to enjoy them when they are ready.  I was not born a farmer, now in my later life I am learning to be a gardener, and am pleased to say that I am not do badly.

My cymbidium orchids are dressed, fertilised, they sit under the eaves, which protect the plants from the cold and frost, and also they are at the right position that the orchids gets morning sun daily.  It was a lot of work to care for them, forty orchids needed all attention.  The good news is that some of them have spikes, there fore the slug bites have to be added on the pots.

102_0514 102_0515 102_0516 The big job is done, what we do now to water them but not over water at this stage.  I think I will enjoy the flowers in a few months, may be in August.

In good days, I spend a lot of time in our backyard, from gardening, maintaining, improving up to appreciating the harvest and the garden.

Now is winter.  I am planning to re pot my English box topiary plants which I created over twelve years ago.  Hopefully they are happier with the new pots.  They will be moved from the backyard to the front garden, and sitting under the porch.

Until Next Post



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