Cooking for the gods.

It is all about my cooking for the past months and also to catch up what is going on in my garden.  They were beautiful cooking since March up to June.
Celebration of our first arrival in Australia is in March.  Every year I do special cooking for the family, but now the children are no longer with us, they live far away at their own home, so I cook only for the two of us.  Fillet of Beef –   Meat is one of the best product in Australia.

March 2015

101_9848 101_9851 101_9856The fillet of beef were cook in perfection.  It was such a celebratory dinner indeed.101_9861


The Month of April.

Easter Celebration:102_0214 102_0217 102_0232

It was Easter celebration and also this month is very significant for me, as it was the time my dear grandfather’s passing.  We grandchildren loved him so much, to thanks his loved I cook for the family every year. For this year, meat, Egg and vegetables were the theme of the dish.
Thank you for your love Grand father-embah Kakung.
102_0497 102_0517 102_0524 102_0534 102_0537 102_0539 102_0543102_0495

The Month of May.
This month is a very important month for the year, as we have seven birthdays in our family.  Rayner had a beautiful birthday cake, Pear Crown Cake and it was so good and it was so appropriate for him.  Pork with crackling is his favourite and it was cooked perfectly.
102_1088 102_1097 102_1099 102_1122  102_1141

The month of June
This month was a busy month, we were holidaying in Europe.  While I was visiting my daughter in the Netherlands, we had a big celebration for our grandson Milo, he was almost three years, but the feast was mostly dedicated for adults, however he loved the ‘bakmi’, one of the delicious dishes, he said that I was the cook and he loved it, it’s so delicious.

Lompia: pancakes rolled filled with mixed meat and vegetables.
Bak mie goreng Stir fry noodles
Bakmi  goreng
Stir fry noodles

I am so pleased and proud if I could cook from my harvest of my garden.  The vegetable patch is only small but the herbs grow well there, the olive tree gives me enough olives to preserve and so do the citruses.  I preserve the lemons, make the preserve rinds in syrup etc.  Cooking for family and friends is my offering, my greatest love that I could give,  it is cooking for the gods.

Winter in The Garden.

This winter is very cold and we had a heavy frost, some plants have damaged by it.  The olive tree were good and strong and had a lot of fruits, but the frost got it.  Last week I was so surprised and shocked that there were no more olives on the tree.  This was my first experience that the olives were simply vanished because of the frost.  Anyway Rayner decided to chopped the olive tree to make easier to care for.  Now the big tree is not here any longer, instead only the stump, I do hope it will come back to live in spring.

The picture of the olive tree was taken in 18 of May 2015, they olives were ready to harvest, unfortunately I did not have time, as we ought to go overseas the next day.

102_1267 102_1269102_1270The stump of the Olive Tree.
102_1399The garden looks subdued, well after all it is winter, the only plants that brighten up the place are the citrus trees, mandarin, lemon and pomelo.

102_1284 102_1290 102_1291

The look of the roses and the deciduous trees during winter.

102_1444 102_1445 102_1447 102_1449 102_1451The garden is pretty clean now most plants are resting, we are looking forward for spring.  But the orchids are very good, in fact this year is the year for orchid to me, my cymbidium are flowering beautifully.  I must show you all about these flowering orchids in the next post.

There is no recipe for you in this post.



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