Cymbidium Orchid

This year my orchid plants are doing so well.  It is my lucky year, one of my cymbidium orchids has sixteen stems,and they are looking healthy and beautiful.

Cymbidium Orchid with sixteen flowers.
Susys iPad 4147
The orchid with buds.

More cymbidium orchids to flower,  they are six plants sitting inside the house.

The buds started to open



Red Cymbidium Orchid
The colour has changed since last year. I is soft red now.

The red colour is pretty, however the colour has changed since last year, from deep red to be a softer red.  I could not explain why.

More Orchids, the cascading orchid (Sarah Jean) has seven spikes, and the upright one has only one spike.

Cascading Orchid-Sarah Jean
Sarah Jean
Upright Cymbidium with One spike

It is good seeing the buds growing bigger everyday.




Yellow Upright Cymbidium

Three stems with Buds,  Yellow Colour

In Between Indoor Plant.  I am hoping that the orchids are happy enough to be there, maybe there is not enough air circulation, but wait and see.

Two budding cymbidium sit together closely with the indoor plant- Monstera Deliciousa.
BuddingLime Green Cymbidium

More Pictures of Cymbidium Orchid – The Sixteen Stems in a Plant

Taken today 26 July 2015

The flower on a stem

102_1916 102_1917

On The Kitchen Bench.
Cymbidium Orchid Flowers In Tall Vases.

102_1918 102_1919 102_1920

Beautiful Orchids – Beautiful Colour

There are seven orchid plants inside the house which are in flower, they are not many considering I have forty plants, but a plant produces sixteen stems/  flowers. It is a record for me, amazing.   I am blessed.

I am glad I could share these pictures with you.  Enjoy!


Until Next Post



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