Winter Baking

It is late winter now, and still cold outside, hot and delicious baking is still the winner for my family.

The trend of cooking now days is to be practical and make the most of vegetables for tasty and delicious cooking. How to cook with vegetable cores and stems.  Do not waste them.
I baked muffins by using the core of cauliflower and the stems, they are very tender vegetables and very good.  What I did simply clean them, dice into small pieces, and I added some cheese, self rising flour, butter and an egg.  Mix a lovely batter, place on muffins tin and bake in a hot oven for 18 minutes, what I got was beautiful and delicious muffins.

Vegetable and Cheese Muffins

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Another hot dish which is good, serve hot and the leftover can be serve cold is baked stuffed cabbage.  I did it, and it was so easy to prepare.

Stuffed Layer Cabbage
Preparation and The Baking

The filling Meat and spices.
The filling
Meat and spices.
The terrine dish for the baking
Layers of cabbages and the meat filling
Added some herbs, 1/2 cup stock, and oil ready for baking
Put the lid on, and bake in a hot oven for one hour and 10 minutes

Hot soup and the Garnished

Hot soup is winter warmer.  To dress up you need something delicious to go with.  I did savoury bread twists, and they were a treat.

The savoury dough is ready for shaping
The savoury dough is ready for shaping
Roll the dough onto thin sheet, spread the tomato mixed oilive
Fold to close the spread and cut to a few pieces
Twist and pull of each dough and place them on a baking tray and bake in hot oven
Freshly baked savoury twists.









Savoury twists are in a basket to serve

There are no written recipes here, but may be these dishes give you idea for preparing hot food, the ingredients are easily available from any market or supermarket.  Particularly, we have to learn and try to make the best of vegetables without any waste.

Spring is coming soon, but it is still cold outside.  Staying and busy baking delicious food is the best way to fill the time.
I enjoy the cold weather so far but keeping warm and comfy staying in the house to be with the family is the best.


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