Steak and Salad

One of my favourite dish to cook for my family is steak.   It is easy to prepare, quick to cook and yet so delicious.

The cut I like are T bone, Porterhouse, and Rump steak.  I love these steaks as they have their deliciousness.  T bone steak is the best as it has two delicious flavours and texture.    I love to serve them with salads, any type of salad is great for these steaks.   Rump steak is more economical to buy and yet very flavoursome.

A time when I feel rich I would buy eye fillet steaks or whole eye fillet.  Not long ago, I cooked  a beautiful and delicious whole eye fillet of beef for the family and it was very successful.  The meat was so tender, and juicy, pink in the middle.

January is a hot month, but we love our meat and fresh salad for a treat.  This whole eye fillet of beef was the answers. 

100_5176100_5172It is delicious to serve with fresh mixed tomatoes with basil.  Dress lemon juice and olive oil.

Now it is Autumn, the weather is cooler, instead preparing steaks and salad, we could have baked or roasted meat.  It was March in 1974. dear friend of ours took us out for a dinner in the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne which is no longer here now.  I remember vividly what I had, it was a large porterhouse steak served with white steamed rice.  Oh my word, the serve was so generous, the steak was very big, larger than the plate.  Indeed we had a good time but we could not finished the meal.  Father Fulton took us there (he was the vice principal of the school where Rayner worked as a teacher).
It was a great night and I had  a good experience of dinning out Australian way,  for the very first time.


Steak for dinner is one of my family favourites.


Next post will be about Easter 2016, we had a lovely Easter with the family.


Stay Tuned.




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