We had a lovely Easter, almost everyone was there. It was good to have the family together, in fact our grand son who lives in the Netherlands, was with us and of course his mama and papa too.  Melanie and her family were spending their Easter in Tasmania, we missed them, but we knew that the were having a good time too.

I am showing you pictures of the Easter feast and delicious dishes which I cooked during the Season. A recipes of my chunky meatballs is here if you wish to try. Enjoy!

Easter Crown, Easter Buns and Easter Lamb for 2016

The Easter Crown was made  of brioche and decorated with boiled eggs in herbs and tea.  Indeed it looked good.  And the Easter buns, were brioche buns filled with chocolate cream patissiere.  And our Easter Lamb was amazingly delicious, the salam-daun salam did it and the golden spiced sauce for the lamb was perfect.

image1 (3)image1 (2)

image1 (1) image1 (6)


My Recipe

Chunky Meatballs


700 g diced leg of pork

500 g minced chicken breast

100 chopped bacon

100 g fresh breadcrumbs
2 eggs

2 tablespoons oil

1 chopped red onion

2 chopped celery stalks

2 chopped cloves garlic

¼ teaspoon white pepper

1 teaspoon salt

½ tablespoon roasted fennel seeds.

Mix all ingredients together, until are combined.

Make 16 meatballs,  about 99 gr each ball approx.

Prepare tomato sauce:  chopped fresh tomato about one kilo gram and cook in a deep saucepan with ½ cup olive oil, stir and toss, let it cook until soft.  Add in a bottle-600 mill tomato pure, and continue cooking over a low heat for one hour.  Add in herbs and spices: oregano, basil, garlic, and salt and paper to taste.  Continue braising for 30 minutes.  This tomato is ready for braising the meat balls.

To cook the meatballs

Pan fry the meatballs until brown all over.
To braise:
2 cups meat stock
The tomato sauce
Use a heavy based saucepan to cook – braise the meatballs.

Place the meatballs in tomato sauce which had been braised well, and bring to simmer, add in the stock, and a cup red wine, and braise the meatballs for two hours over a low heat.

During braising maintain the same low heat until the meatballs are cooked and tender.

To serve:

Serve with pasta and leafy salad aside.
Or Serve pasta with the sauce garnished with Parmesan Cheese and followed by the meatballs garnished with fresh leafy salad.

Preparation and cooking of the chunky meat balls.
100_5436 100_5446 100_5447 100_5452



Fish for the Feast

Pan fry ocean trout served with mustard sauce and garnished with salmon and spinach roulade.  It is a very delicate dish  light but delightful.  It was a very successful cooking.  The roulade was prepared a week before and it kept well in freezer.  Chocolate, honey and coffee cake was one of our sweets, and served with fresh strawberry.

image1 (3) image1 (4) image1 (5)

We shared with friends our savoury brioche and sweets brioche with chocolate eggs.  We love our decorated boiled Easter eggs, but we enjoy our chocolate Easter eggs too.

image1 (1)image1 (1)

Easter was celebrated well, and now the children and grand kids in Australia are back to school, and the grown up are back to work.  Milo, his mama and papa are enjoying the holiday in Australia and New Zealand.  Me and Rayner are back onto the daily routine, happily. We are blessed.

I do hope your Easter were great and very happy one.

The weather is getting cooler but it is still pleasant.  Keep well and stay well.


Until Next Post



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