In My Backyard

Beautiful Plants Make a Pretty Garden.
It is mid Autumn, the weather is cool but pleasant. Where I live we have enough rains, and sun shines which make gardens grow very well. In my backyard now my potted plants are at their best, they are in flowers and the orchids has spikes, plenty of buds and the herbs are green and good.

Pictures: Potted Salvia,  Nasturtium, Rosemary Herb is in flower and Potted Cymbidium Orchid.
100_5513 100_5516 100_5521100_5519

I planted a pomegranate tree in 2007, it’s a gift from my daughter Melanie,  it grows to a healthy and smallish tree.  I have been waiting for the flowers and fruits patiently, but at last this year it is in flowers.   I was so excited to see some flowers, but only one of them matured to become a fruit.  Took me nine years to harvest a pomegranate fruit.  I am very grateful.
This is the picture which Rayner took the other day.

My roses are still in flowers and the red roses are budding again, giving us the flowers for the second round this year. The climbing pink Cecil Bruner is still in flower and I could enjoy it through the window of our study.  100_5548 Other perennial flowering plant which give the best colour is the Gallipoli Heath, and these are the pictures.
image1 (4) image1 (5)


In the vegetable garden grow eggplants,  jalopino and of course the herbs that they have been there for sometimes.  I had apple cucumber which gave us a lot of fruits and I forgot to say that I had two tomato plants too.  Here is the picture of the cucumber plant intertwined with the tomato.
image1 (8)

This year I added amaranth but I planted it in a pot, it has been good, I have harvested and cooked it for my family.

image1 (1)image1 (7)

The harvest: eggplant, apple cucumbers.   It is so good to have fresh vegetables from the garden.
image1 (6)

I must tell you that I have new Australian native plants for the backyard.  Two are planted in the ground and one is potted.

The potted Australian native-correa Baeuerlenii and the other two are Banksia and correa Reflexa Dusky Bell. They are beautiful plants and easy to care for.
image1 (2)100_5550 100_5553


The garden in the backyard is looking pretty enough, but the tall wall-the hedges need trimmings.  Rayner does it meticulously and sometime he gets help from a gardener as the job is getting too much for him.

I found my peace in my backyard  – in the backyard and loving it.



Until Next Post



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