Late Winter, 2016

Beautiful food for family and friends.

A little gesture, a gift for friends, beautiful food to be shared for their birthday party.

Cream Puff for a Birthday Boy
Cream Puff for a Birthday Boy
Pretty Finger Sandwiches
Pretty Finger Sandwiches
Beautiful Cake for a farewell dear friend Liz Lyz,
Beautiful Cake for a farewell dear friend Liz

Home cooking for family is always great, delicious, clean and healthy.

image1 (2)
Pizza for Family
Mashed Tofu and Vegetables for Fried Tofu Balls.
Mashed Tofu and Vegetables for Fried Tofu Balls.
Frying Tofu Balls
Frying Tofu Balls
Sliced meat wrapped with mouse and pistachio nuts. (My creative cooking)

Tasty and Delicious Meals

Often we enjoy the food which are prepared by others, outing and dinning in a restaurant is a treat.  In England we had delicious dishes from mushroom, fish to beef.

Braised Beef with Mashed
Beef with Mashed
Fish with a Sauce
Mushrooms for an entre

The Peking Duck, was absolutely delicious. The special dinner was in Hong Kong, a very good experience of trying local cuisine.

Peking Duck
To serve the Peking Duck
Susys iPad 4020
Sliced Peking Duck
Susys iPad 4012
Steamed Meat Dumpling and Pickled on a plate

Beautiful flowers for our home.  This month, the late winter 2016 I added new cymbidiums and phalaenopsis for my collection.

Copperopolis Cymbidium
Copperopolis Cymbidium
Pink Kirby Lesh Cymbidium
Variegated phaleonopsis
Variegated phalaenopsis

It is cold outside, but the sun comes up almost daily lately, indeed helps my spirit to be in my garden.  Yesterday I had a great time to be working in the backyard, it was almost spring, so sunny, warm, and the wind was cool, but pleasant.

I noticed that the nectarine blossom is here, the new season is coming soon.

I love the late winter, spending time indoor and outdoor, so much that we could do,  thanks to the Season.


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Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis
It is not the year of the orchids for me, but I am lucky enough to have cymbidium  starts  budding.  Three stems at the most on a plant.
The cold winter is getting on now, and it is no good to have the orchids sitting outside.  To protect from the cold wind and the frost, orchids are sitting inside the house.

The Cymbidium.
Cream and Pink flowers Cymbidium

hot pink in buds
image1 (18)
cream with purple edges

Cut flowers from the florist or from the market are taking place to decorate our home instead from the garden.   I could not resist to take these orange gladioli flowers home.

white cymbidium
orange gladioli
white Phalaenopsis
hot pink cymbidium

The phalaenopsis is doing ok, the new shoot is growing great.

Pure White
Pure White

Indoor plant,  the Potted monster delicious is getting bigger, I moved it outside, and placed it under the eve, to keep it from the frost.  I am sure it is going to be OK.
image1 (2)

There are more indoor plants, from mixed ferns to fiddle leaf fig. These orange and cream potted clivia are pictures of last year, they are spring flowers, so I am looking forward to see them soon.  But the cyclamen has been in flower since early winter, indeed it is pretty pink.  101_5890 101_5895The orchids don’t flower as good as last year, most of them are having a rest, but overall they don’t do badly.  I am happy enough.  This weekend the local orchid show is on, I must go to see to check it out, do I need more orchids plant.  A good question!101_5888
I have enough orchids to keep me busy, you need time and energy to care for them, I think forty orchids are a lot, but I could be tempted still if blue flower orchids are there.
I have been looking for blue flower of Vanda.  Who knows I may find it in the orchid show.

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