Spring, 2016

Itimage1-71 is time to celebrate a new season, now it is the second month of spring, the weather is warmer, we work and enjoy outdoor.  In my backyard now is looking beautiful and fresh.  Roses and potted flower plants add the colour of my garden.  I picked red roses for inside the house to dress up the living room.

Spring in the backyard.

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We enjoyed the spring orchids show, the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, from cymbidium orchid, phalaenopsis to dendrobium (Australian orchids) and more.
Orchids Show in Victoria, Australia.
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Orchid’s season is over, but other flowers are so beautiful for this time of the year, my clivia is still going and the hippeastrum are starting to blooms, and of course all the beautiful roses are here, and soon the hydrangea will be opening up, at present,  they are still in buds.
Cooking in My Kitchen.
October is a busy month, birthdays in our family, friend’s birthday at our table tennis club too.  Meeting to be attended at the orchid club as well, and a dish had to be prepared for sharing.  Special offering for this occasion, beautiful cakes were baked, they were sweets, pretty and delicious, indeed they delighted by these gods!
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The weather is very pleasant, the sun is here almost every day, but also a lot of rains which brings the freshness to us.  Spring, is so good, spring in Australia is warm, it is almost summer in  a part of Europa.

My daily cooking uses a stove now instead of the oven to keep us cool.  The other day I cooked spring lamb, with fruity flavour by added fresh sliced oranges and tomatoes.  It worked well, the meat was moist, the gravy was smooth with fruity flavour.  Delicious!
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The vegetable garden is doing very well, especially the endive, sorrels and herbs. The fresh leafy salad is always at table daily, we love our salads. These are the snapshots.

image1-54 image1-55 image1-56

There are cabbages in the garden but by far they are not ready for harvest yet,  but within six weeks I shall have them, and in the meant time I got the cabbage from the market for today coleslaw.  Another leafy salad that I love so much is radicchio or treviso which I grow in my vegetable garden.
Treviso salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and Fruits salad Javanese style (Lotis).
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Spring Celebration.  Flowers areSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES image1-76everywhere today in my house, the room looks so beautiful,  it makes the birthday celebration completes.  Meringue and raspberries for the birthday cake and we enjoyed with a cup of tea.  It was a very pleasant afternoon, the children did not come home but they sent gifts, we saw them by Facetime, and I loved their precious phone calls. I am blessed.
My dear friend Eileen came over in the morning with generous gifts, she does it every year since I known her, she is a dear friend and a kind neighbour.
















Happy with the Season.  
It has been glorious spring, my garden is so green and yet colourful with flowers and roses.  We shall celebrate spring by spending time outdoors, have fun in the garden, have a long walk, visiting parks and gardens smelling the roses.  In my backyard I would be very busy this season, a lot of works have to be done, but I am for it.
In Spring is good to see my vegetables grow, but it is upsetting to see a beautiful creature,  but the unwelcome visitor-the yellow butterfly. We all have to take the bad and the good, simply smile, that is what I do.  Let it be.

Happy Spring Time to You.


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