Roses and Roses

A very strange looking red rose
Iceberg Rose Plant
Iceberg Rose Plant

This year is not the year of roses for me. My Red rose bushes are in trouble and so my white standard iceberg.  I did what I had to do, this winter I sprayed them with lime sulphur in the hope for the roses to be healthier and stronger.  Instead, the iceberg roses are not doing very well, the leaves are growing back very slowly and they look bad, they are skinny and crinkly.    What have I done wrong, this is the very first problems I had since I planted them ten years ago.  The red roses are growing back but I found a lot of aphids, on the stems and the leaves.  It was hard to get rid off,  but eventually, with affords, I managed to do it and now I know how to deal with them.  I found some aphid still, only a few but I get rid of them by squishing them with my fingers.  It is easy and I do not mind.  The sad thing about the red rose is even the colour has changed from a deep and rustic red to simply red, the rose petal is pointy instead of roundish and there is no fragrance.  What the hell had happened to my Roses?

A sad looking iceberg rose plant
A sad looking iceberg rose plant

The Beautiful Red Rose

The Red Rose – Deep Red and Beautiful
Red rose has changed from deep red to simply red
Red rose has changed from deep red to simply red
This rose petals have changed, they pointy not like used to be

You could compare, look closely that the top picture is different with the bottom pictures, even though these roses come from the same plants.
I have been trying to fix these roses by giving extra fertiliser, and watering regularly, and put more mulch to keep the soil moist.  I hope they will get better. The red rose bushes are having enough flowers but they don’t look right, and the iceberg rose plants have buds but very tiny and skinny, and the leaves are curly I don’t think they will make to flowers.  Now, I let them be as I did my best to care for.

I knew what I did wrong to my roses after I spoke to Jennifer, my neighbour who is very expert of roses.  I sprayed the roses with lime sulphur at the wrong time. I did it after the new leaves are springing, instead of spraying them after finished pruning.  It was a big mistake!

David Austin Rose
Graham Thomas Rose
Blue Moon Rose
Iceberg Rose – Seduction

I shall concentrate on the good things, enjoy and appreciate my other roses which are happy and flowering beautifully, and these are the roses.  From David Austin to Blue Moon.
The David Austin rose has soft pale pink with double petals and it is very pretty, the yellow Graham Thomas is so bright and beautiful, the iceberg pink seduction is very generous, it is there to flower and very showy and the best colour of all is the blue moon, I love it,  as it was my mother’s favourite colour.

I hope the iceberg roses plants get better.  In fact, they started to buds, and the leaves are springing and looking good, I am looking forward to seeing the bloom.  As the red roses are blooming,  the flowers are not the best  but I believe they stay and they will be alright.
My consolation is my potted hippeastrum plants are in flowers, they are so beautiful,  giving me the best bloom ever.

Red potted hippeastrum
Potted red hippeastrum
Apple blossom potted hippeastrum.

More flowers are in the garden now, add amazing colour to celebrate the place.  I know the garden would be very grand with the beautiful roses. I miss these beauties, but the roses will be back to grow and better.

The latest flowering roses in my garden are Angel Eyes, Red Intuition and Just Joyimg_9282Angle EyesJust Joy

I believe there will be more  roses to flower in my garden.  These  amazing roses with magnificent colours add the beauty of the place -My Sacred Garden.

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