Boiled Fruit Cake

It is baking time, and for this time of the year,  a fruit cake and sponges are taking place.
I baked a boiled fruit cake for the first time, it was easy enough but the cake slightly cracked at the top. Maybe the oven was too hot. The recipe was not mine, and I followed it faithfully I thought.  Anyway if I had to do it again I may have to bake the cake at a lower temperature.
The Process, Preparation and Baking.
Ingredients for the Boiled Fruit Cake
1 kg mixed dried fruit, 100g red glace cherries, liquor – sherry 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup water, 250g butter, 1 1/4 cup brown sugar firmly packed,  1/4 cup water 4 eggs, grated rind of an orange, 225 gr plain flour, 75 g self-raising flour.

Square tin (7 inches)-lined with three layers of baking paper.

The cooking and baking are pictured bellow.
1) Combine dried fruit, mix with water, liquor-sherry and brandy, brown sugar, cook until the butter melted and the sugar dissolved, bring to the boil.  Transfer and put the mixture into a large bowl to cool.
img_3598 img_3601 img_3604

2) Add in the flour, eggs to the cool boiled fruit mixture, and mix together to make the cake mixture.  The large bowl was washed and cleaned, ready to keep away.
img_3608-1 img_3609 img_3613
3) Put the cake mixture into a prepared baking tin and baked for three hours at 125 degrees C in a fan forced oven.
img_3614 img_3616 img_3619
4) Freshly baked boiled fruit cake, brushed with extra liquor-brandy, cover with baking paper and aluminium foil to trap the steam to keep the cake stays moist. Cover with a cloth and keep it in the tin overnight to cool.
img_3624 img_3626 img_3628

4) The next morning, transfer to a clean clear plastic wrap to wrap the cake and wrap it again with aluminium foil.  Wrap in a cloth and keep it in a dark place in the pantry.
img_3630 img_3632 img_3633-1
The cake keeps well for weeks, serve in small slices.

The recipe is based on the Australian Women’s Weekly,  A few adjustments I did, omitting the nuts and  by adding extra glace fruit cherries.  I am looking forward to cutting it, and tasting it.

Sponge Cake

Two eggs sponge for my summer sponge, this is my own recipe.  The cake can be used for trifle and it is excellent to be served as a tipsy cake.

The two egg sponge cake for summer sponge which is served with fresh fruits is sweet, soft and luscious.

Sweet Summer Sponge

The Recipe
Two Eggs Sponge


2 large free range eggs (77g)
1/2 cup castor sugar
2 level tablespoons cornflour
2 level tablespoons custard powder
1 heaping tablespoon self-rising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
(sift these ingredients a few times)
Line two shallow baking tins with baking paper
Heat up the oven  to 155 degrees C for a fan forced
Beat the eggs and sugar until double and light colour for 8-10 minutes
Mix in the sifted flour to the egg mixture, fold and mix together gently
Pour it to the ready lined baking tins
Spread and level
Bake in the preheated oven for 9-10 minutes
Take them out, transfer to a cooling tray
To serve
Join the cakes with jam and whipped cream and garnish with fresh fruits

(The cake baked beautifully in my oven)

Freshly baked sponge cake
Freshly baked sponge

I forgot to level and spread the cake mixture before baking, the cake did not look perfect as sponge cake should be.


Cool Sponge Cake
Fresh Fruits for the Sponge Cake








I joined the cakes with whipped cream, spread orange icing on top before putting the array of fresh fruits-blue berries, strawberries, orange, and mango.

The Summer Sponge

Serving the cake with hot tea or coffee.  Lovely and light and luscious sponge.
img_9377-1 img_9382

My family loves sponges, and they enjoyed the two egg sponge too.  I hope you try the recipe, happy baking and enjoy the cake.

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