Festive Season

Fun cooking for festive season, I know that my daughter is spared me for cooking of the Big Day, but I am happy cooking for my family and friends.  It is a beautiful season, every year I make the best of it, the joy that I could not afford to miss out.

Beautiful Cooking For Christmas Eve.

Stir-fried Rice Noodle,  Egg and Pawns

A Delicious dish can be easily prepared and usually it is a winner.

Serving the Stir-fried Rice Noodles
Egg Roulade Filled with Salmon
Platters of The Beautiful Dishes

Cooking the Egg Roulade.
Beat the eggs lightly and add fresh chopped herbs (chives, parsley).
Pour in a hot pan to cook as you cook an omelett,  place a cooked salmon or a tin of salmon on.
When the egg is almost firmed up, roll it start from the edge close to you.
Keep on rolling to make sure the egg encloses the salmon.
Cook for a few minutes further, and turning over to cook each side.
Transfer to a plate, cut into small pieces.
Transfer to a large platter to serve as a part of a banquet or serve individually in a small plate
To prepare and cook the Egg Roulade Filled with Salmon
img_9648 img_9651

img_9652 img_9656 img_9658 img_9665


Sweet Brioche for Christmas Eve

This year I thanks to neighbours by sharing my beautiful cooking.  Brioche for Beautiful People.
img_9505 img_3682 e
Poaching pear for a preparation of pear glaze was done before the brioche.    The first step of brioche dough making.
img_3688 img_3718 img_3720
The brioche has double in bulk, ready to fill with dried fruits mixed with liquors.
img_3723 img_3734

Brioches on the mould for proofing.  Brioche is brushed with egg wash before baking.

img_3735-1 img_3741
Freshly baked brioches, they are beautiful and golden brown.

Sliced Fruit Brioche – Serving the Brioche

Displaying IMG_4133.JPG
Sliced Brioche
Displaying IMG_4135.JPG
Sliced Brioche

The brioche was dressed with homemade glaze fruits-pear, oranges, and orange rinds, but the cherries were from the shop.

The thought and appreciations to our friends and neighbours by sharing my lovely baking were acceptable, and I believe they love it.



Beautiful Spread of Melanie’s for Christmas Lunch.
She did a great job, the preparation of the feast was immaculate.  Thank you, it was a success and a big achievement especially she has four young children to care for. Congratulation Melanie!

Beautiful and Delicious Spread for Christmas Lunch
Beautiful and Delicious Spread for Christmas Lunch

The dessert was so sweet and luscious and it was prepared by Susan.
bmisu sc-berrymiu
Berrymisu, a delicious dessert based on Tiramisu.  Thank you, Susan.

It was a very happy, relaxed, pleasant family gathering.  The feast was prepared with so much Love.  Everyone had a great time to feast, to share and to catch up.
I am hoping next Christmas is going to be as happy too, the Celebration will be at our home.  Who knows, just maybe Jane and her family will be coming to Australia for a visit.  The Big Family Gathering Will Be Take Place.  Indeed I am looking forward to it.


Before Christmas.

Cake for our sports club was great, moist boiled fruit cake to share.  It was my first attempt to bake boiled fruit cake and it was a success.  Recipe from  the Australian Women’s Weekly.
fullsizerender-42 img_3774 img_3775

Moist boiled fruit cake with a pretty topping and extra brandy which make the cake taste so special.  Indeed it was a celebration cake.  The end of year thanking everyone for good times together.

Luncheon with Friends

The dishes were beautiful and delicious, family and friends were delighted.  It was a very pleasant lunch, short and sweet.  It worked out very well, we were busy for the preparation of Christmas.

I show pictures here, how to prepare a dish – the Savoury brioche with eggs and meat.

The first thing to do, boil the eggs, peel.  On a loaf tin, fill half way with some spiced mixed minced meat (beef, chicken and chopped ham).  Place five eggs on top along the meat, put the rest of spiced minced meat mixture on top, to cover the eggs.  Bake over the medium-hot oven for 45 minutes.  Let it stay on a tin to cool.  Wait until it is completely cold to fill into the brioche dough.  Roll out about 550 g brioche onto a very thin sheet, brush the sheet with beaten egg, place the meat loaf filled with eggs on the sheet.  Brush the meat with the beaten egg as well.  From the side close to you, roll the brioche sheet to cover the meat, and roll it again to enclose and secure the brioche not to split.  Brush the brioche with egg, and bake in a medium-hot heat for 18 minutes, reduce the temperature to a medium and continue cooking for 25-27 minutes (cover the brioche with aluminium foil)
img_9589 img_9592Baking the Savoury Brioche filled with Eggs and meat.
img_9608img_9606Slice the brioche and place them on a platter, garnish each sliced with prosciutto and place some fresh herbs. Do they look so good!


Whole Birds 
Cooking and serving whole chicken, turkey, or others ( leg of lamb and ham etc) is more festive. Often I cook the whole chicken for a special occasion instead chicken fillets or pieces.  It is so grand sits on a dish more so with the garnishes.

Hot chilli chicken for a Sunday Best was so good, red and rich.
fullsizerender-49 img_9425 img_9427 img_9434 img_9485 img_9486
It is a hot deviled chicken, the taste so delicious as refreshed with fresh chilli, tomato and fragrant spices, and the colour is beautifully Red.

Hot Devilled Chicken
Hot Devilled Chicken


Fresh Flowers

Something is missing if you don’t have lovely and colourful fresh flowers during the festive season.  I am so blessed with my garden which gives me beautiful flowers throughout the year.  It is a matter of cutting and arranging according to the season.
The Christmas Season
Roses to Hydrangea

Just Joy


More flowers for the festive season.
img_3842 img_3852fullsizerender-48img_3289img_3271-1img_3268


Flowers for tables, for the rooms,  for decorations, and flowers for garnishes.  Oh I could not do without.


I am very pleased to sharing the ideas how to celebrate the festive season with food.  Soon will be the celebration of the New Year’s Eve and of course the New Year.  What would you do?

On that note, I say until next post.



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