Summer Cooking

Ricotta and Spinach Roulade.
Delicious and easy to cook is a cheese and egg roulade.  To be more specific, Ricotta and Spinach Roulade is one of my favourite summer dishes.  You don’t need to have fresh spinach, just get it frozen from the shop.  Fresh ricotta cheese is a must, about 425 grammes.  Four free range eggs, oil to pan fry and salt to taste.

How To Do
Put one egg and 100 g ricotta cheese in the bowl of cooked spinach.  Put three egg on the bowl of ricotta cheese and add in 25 g grated tasty cheese.   Mix the ingredients together and leave it in the separate bowl.
img_4608 img_4610

Line a heavy base pot with baking paper and buttered generously, spread the egg and ricotta mixture evenly for the base.  Place the spinach mixture on top, and spread to cover the ricotta mixture.
Cook over the stove and cover with the lid, cook for 9 minutes or longer.  When the mixture is firmed up, roll it from end to end to make a large log.  Take it out from the pot carefully as it is hot, wrap it again to make sure the roulade stays in shape and wrap tightly.    Place it on a plate, and finished it off cooking in a microwave for 3 minutes (in my microwave)-it needs adjustment as every microwave is different.  After three minutes cooking, take it out and let it rest to cool on a plate maybe for 5 minutes.   Slice when it is cooler.  Served with a salad.

It is very easy to make and it freezes well.  An excellent idea for summer lunch or dinner, cook on top of the stove instead of baking.  Keep the house cool.

Salads to serve, any fresh vegetables, tomato or avocado, dressed with lemon dressing would do.

The Leafy and tomato salad dressed in lemon dressing is excellent to serve with the ricotta cheese Roulade.  That’s what we had.

Leafy green and tomato salad

Lemon Dressing
Juice of a lemon
3 tablespoons oil
Mix the ingredients together.
I like to make the salad dressing prior the serving time to keep fresh.


Beautiful Bread- Damper.
Another easy cooking for summer is this beautiful bread, cooked on top of the stove instead of baking.  Using a large heavy base pot.
The ingredients as I remember,  325 self-rising flour, 220 plain flour, 1/2 spoon bicarbonate of soda, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 125 salted butter, 118 g grated tasty cheese, 1 cup mixed chopped fresh herbs-parsley, mint, chives (any herbs as you prefer) 1 cup milk+3/4 cup water, a pinch of salt.  Bake in a Pot over the stove for 45-49 minutes.

Mix the two flour add in bicarbonate of soda, baking powder.  Mix all together
Rub the flour mix with the butter, add in the grated cheese and the herbs toss together. Add in the water mixture at once, mix quickly to make a soft dough, and place it on the lined round baking tin.
Bake for 45 minutes.  First, bake for 18 minutes, lower the heat and continue baking for 22 minutes.  Turn the bread over to brown and crisp and continue baking for 6 minutes.

img_0001 img_0004-1 img_0006-1 img_0008 img_0010-1img_0012

The cooking/baking the bread.
The utensil and the tin to cook/bake the bread.
A Strong base large pot was for cooking the bread.  I used the lined round tin with baking paper to put the dough on and placed not directly in a pot, but rest on a trivet instead.
img_0013 img_0031
Put the covered large pot on the hot stove, let it became very hot, then take the lid off, place the tin with the bread dough in, (rest it on the trivet),  replace the lid and cook for 18 minutes. After that, reduce the heat of the stove and continue cooking for 22 minutes.  Always keeping the lid on during the cooking. The last step is you have to turn the dough over and put it back to the pan and keep on cooking to brown for 6 minutes.  I did it with difficulty but managed very well.

img_0019 img_0020 img_0023 img_0025

It’s so delicious bread, I did it last week on the 26 of January for Australia Day.  This bread is a damper and baked to imitate the traditional damper which is baked on an outdoor open fire.

Served warm or at least at room temperature, slice and spread with thick butter.

Bake the damper, serve with BBQ and have it in your backyard.  Have fun and enjoy the summer!


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Celebrate The Garden.

The garden is alive when my grandchildren around, they play, they pick flowers to take inside for my vases, they run around playing games with laughter, and they enjoy sitting on the garden benches for resting.  Indeed they celebrate the garden, they adorn the place.

This summer holiday they came over with their mother for a visit, they have grown so much. I was so pleased and proud to see them playing together in the backyard.  They were sitting on the garden benches to have conversation and discussion about what games were going to play.  Well one of them was Hide and Seek.  I took photos of course, and here they are.  Mery Rose is the oldest, followed by Thomas, Henry and Lily.
img_9979  img_9983 img_9984-copy-2  Talking together what games we should be playing.

Four grandchildren who live in Melbourne: Lily, Thomas, Henry and Mary Rose.

In the Backyard, playing Hide and Seek with Mary Rose, Thomas, Henry and Lily.
img_9985 img_9986-1 img_9986 img_9987 img_9988 img_9991 img_9992 img_9993 img_9994 img_9995
There are times to stop and the photos were taken with Nana.

img_0033 img_9976

To make the best of the visit, their mother took them-Mary Rose, Henry and Thomas out to explore the town and stop to the Jump and Climb place for more fun and exercises.
20170125_111414 20170125_111516 20170125_111304

For the lunch and dinner I prepared delicious food for them, they love my home cooking and my baking.  A rice dish has to be on the menu, lazy lamb rice it was, and a roast for dinner. Cooking a roast is always good, while it’s cooking we all able to catch up with the family.  It worked very well this time too.  Indeed, not only the garden was alive but the kitchen was so too.
Delicious Food
img_4564-1-111x83 img_4567-111x83 img_4574-111x83 img_4579-1-111x83

The meringue was for Lily and the Tart was for everyone.
Roast pork with crackling is Henry’s favourite, I cooked the roast and served with pear instead of apple sauce.  I am very proud of my grandchildren, they are only small but they understand flavours.  Love you all.
img_4587-1-99x74 img_4591-1-99x74-74x99 img_4585-99x74

Savoury and Sweets for Lunch

Dinner Time and Lunch Time



It was a good to have them for overnight, they have another plan to be somewhere else.  Have a great time and enjoy the rest of the holiday!

A few photos were taken before they were leaving for Melbourne.  It’s in the backyard, of course, we love it there. With us, and nana, Melanie with the children.
img_0956 img_0959

See you all again, and thank you for sharing your time with us Kids.

The garden was alive, the kids did it.  Indeed we celebrated the garden with our grandchildren.  It was good to see them during the holiday.

We are a happy family.  We are Blessed.

Children light up the place. Bless You, All.

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Beautiful and bright colours can be found in flowers which I like the best. They are natural and growing in anyone garden, they are so close to us, we celebrate daily of the beauty.       Indeed Simplicity is Heavenly.
Colour represents a lot of things and the meaning of colour is very personal so everyone has their own.
And these colours are for me.
Bright Red is Opulent and Strength,  Dusky Pink is Friendship
Yellow is Welcoming, Good Luck.   Bright Yellow is Freedom
Bright Orange is Enthusiastic and Warm
Purple is Royal and Sadness
Blue is Forever and Faithful
White is Pure and Fulfilment
Green is Healing and Peaceful
All Colours is Celebrations

Thinking of you dear girls, Melanie, Jane and Susan, I want you to stop to have a rest and enjoy these beautiful pictures which I took from my garden.  Enjoy and Relax!  Life can be so busy, but we must have time for ourselves.


100_4286 - Copy 100_4069 100_3772100_3640100_3641102_1865

Angle Eyes


101_9126 101_9131img_9282


fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-12

101_9699 101_9597 101_9579 101_9582 101_9595

102_2576 102_1917



Pure White

image1 (9)image1-77


It is a good feeling to be able to relax, and often what we can do simply by looking and enjoying fresh flowers in the gardens, or looking at the pictures of flowers with amazing colours.
My garden is blessed with the beautiful and colourful flowers.

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Sweet indulgence we had last week,  fresh sweet fruit salad and coffee layer cake, what a perfect start for the new year.
Fresh Fruit Salad and Layer Coffee Cake
img_4174 img_4183 img_4185

And the vegetable garden is looking good, the tomato has started to ripen soon will be a lot of red tomato for us.
Harvested two zucchini and the last Savoy cabbage was not bad at all, cabbage dishes are for us in Summer.  There are a lot of recipe for zucchini, I wonder would I use these fruits for? a sweet dish or savoury?
The first harvest were two zucchini and the savoy cabbage was the last one
fullsizerender-70 img_4193img_4196

Summer is hot, but there are days which are pleasant.  On a pleasant day that was I baked bread, and Pizza I thought it is just about time using the sourdough starter again.  It worked well the crusty ‘Boule’, it’s golden brown with a rustic look, and the crumb is good too, just as I wanted.  I did not use measurement for the quantities,  the ingredients were measured by approximation, so there is no recipe to be shared.
Sourdough Bread, Golden Brown Rustic’Boule’

Delicious boiled cabbage I cooked for the family, what it was simply cooked cabbage mixed with parsley butter and served with sliced roasted chicken breast dressed with mustard sauce.  The sauce is easy to make, you could do it in no time.  It is a roux add with cream and dijon whole mustard, salt and pepper to taste.
Boiled Cabbage Served with Chicken dressed in Mustard Sauce


Pizza and Salad

Pizza for a lunch was another sweet thing I have done, it was a very hearty pizza with egg and kabana topping.  You could not get that kind in the shop.  Isn’t great to be able to prepare the meal at home. To complement the pizza, the garden salad was served.
The garden salad dressed in olive oil and lemon juice
Baked Pizza with Egg and Kabana Topping

An excellent start for the new year, a few sweet things has been done for the family.  I am sure there will be more lovely things too, to come and  I am looking forward to sharing the recipes with you.

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My Best Wishes to You All, for a Healthy, Fruitful and Happy New Year.

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Favourite Fresh Fruits

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I hope you had a lovely celebration, happy feasting and enjoyed the time you spent with friends. Today is the first day of the new year I wish you all the very best to start the year, have an amazing day.

We had a pleasant time in the New Year’s Eve and stayed at home but enjoy our healthy but rich food and drinks, just enough to make us merry.

Have A Great Year All!


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