Sweet indulgence we had last week,  fresh sweet fruit salad and coffee layer cake, what a perfect start for the new year.
Fresh Fruit Salad and Layer Coffee Cake
img_4174 img_4183 img_4185

And the vegetable garden is looking good, the tomato has started to ripen soon will be a lot of red tomato for us.
Harvested two zucchini and the last Savoy cabbage was not bad at all, cabbage dishes are for us in Summer.  There are a lot of recipe for zucchini, I wonder would I use these fruits for? a sweet dish or savoury?
The first harvest were two zucchini and the savoy cabbage was the last one
fullsizerender-70 img_4193img_4196

Summer is hot, but there are days which are pleasant.  On a pleasant day that was I baked bread, and Pizza I thought it is just about time using the sourdough starter again.  It worked well the crusty ‘Boule’, it’s golden brown with a rustic look, and the crumb is good too, just as I wanted.  I did not use measurement for the quantities,  the ingredients were measured by approximation, so there is no recipe to be shared.
Sourdough Bread, Golden Brown Rustic’Boule’

Delicious boiled cabbage I cooked for the family, what it was simply cooked cabbage mixed with parsley butter and served with sliced roasted chicken breast dressed with mustard sauce.  The sauce is easy to make, you could do it in no time.  It is a roux add with cream and dijon whole mustard, salt and pepper to taste.
Boiled Cabbage Served with Chicken dressed in Mustard Sauce


Pizza and Salad

Pizza for a lunch was another sweet thing I have done, it was a very hearty pizza with egg and kabana topping.  You could not get that kind in the shop.  Isn’t great to be able to prepare the meal at home. To complement the pizza, the garden salad was served.
The garden salad dressed in olive oil and lemon juice
Baked Pizza with Egg and Kabana Topping

An excellent start for the new year, a few sweet things has been done for the family.  I am sure there will be more lovely things too, to come and  I am looking forward to sharing the recipes with you.

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