Beautiful and bright colours can be found in flowers which I like the best. They are natural and growing in anyone garden, they are so close to us, we celebrate daily of the beauty.       Indeed Simplicity is Heavenly.
Colour represents a lot of things and the meaning of colour is very personal so everyone has their own.
And these colours are for me.
Bright Red is Opulent and Strength,  Dusky Pink is Friendship
Yellow is Welcoming, Good Luck.   Bright Yellow is Freedom
Bright Orange is Enthusiastic and Warm
Purple is Royal and Sadness
Blue is Forever and Faithful
White is Pure and Fulfilment
Green is Healing and Peaceful
All Colours is Celebrations

Thinking of you dear girls, Melanie, Jane and Susan, I want you to stop to have a rest and enjoy these beautiful pictures which I took from my garden.  Enjoy and Relax!  Life can be so busy, but we must have time for ourselves.


100_4286 - Copy 100_4069 100_3772100_3640100_3641102_1865

Angle Eyes


101_9126 101_9131img_9282


fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-12

101_9699 101_9597 101_9579 101_9582 101_9595

102_2576 102_1917



Pure White

image1 (9)image1-77


It is a good feeling to be able to relax, and often what we can do simply by looking and enjoying fresh flowers in the gardens, or looking at the pictures of flowers with amazing colours.
My garden is blessed with the beautiful and colourful flowers.

Until Next Post



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