Celebrate The Garden.

The garden is alive when my grandchildren around, they play, they pick flowers to take inside for my vases, they run around playing games with laughter, and they enjoy sitting on the garden benches for resting.  Indeed they celebrate the garden, they adorn the place.

This summer holiday they came over with their mother for a visit, they have grown so much. I was so pleased and proud to see them playing together in the backyard.  They were sitting on the garden benches to have conversation and discussion about what games were going to play.  Well one of them was Hide and Seek.  I took photos of course, and here they are.  Mery Rose is the oldest, followed by Thomas, Henry and Lily.
img_9979  img_9983 img_9984-copy-2  Talking together what games we should be playing.

Four grandchildren who live in Melbourne: Lily, Thomas, Henry and Mary Rose.

In the Backyard, playing Hide and Seek with Mary Rose, Thomas, Henry and Lily.
img_9985 img_9986-1 img_9986 img_9987 img_9988 img_9991 img_9992 img_9993 img_9994 img_9995
There are times to stop and the photos were taken with Nana.

img_0033 img_9976

To make the best of the visit, their mother took them-Mary Rose, Henry and Thomas out to explore the town and stop to the Jump and Climb place for more fun and exercises.
20170125_111414 20170125_111516 20170125_111304

For the lunch and dinner I prepared delicious food for them, they love my home cooking and my baking.  A rice dish has to be on the menu, lazy lamb rice it was, and a roast for dinner. Cooking a roast is always good, while it’s cooking we all able to catch up with the family.  It worked very well this time too.  Indeed, not only the garden was alive but the kitchen was so too.
Delicious Food
img_4564-1-111x83 img_4567-111x83 img_4574-111x83 img_4579-1-111x83

The meringue was for Lily and the Tart was for everyone.
Roast pork with crackling is Henry’s favourite, I cooked the roast and served with pear instead of apple sauce.  I am very proud of my grandchildren, they are only small but they understand flavours.  Love you all.
img_4587-1-99x74 img_4591-1-99x74-74x99 img_4585-99x74

Savoury and Sweets for Lunch

Dinner Time and Lunch Time



It was a good to have them for overnight, they have another plan to be somewhere else.  Have a great time and enjoy the rest of the holiday!

A few photos were taken before they were leaving for Melbourne.  It’s in the backyard, of course, we love it there. With us, and nana, Melanie with the children.
img_0956 img_0959

See you all again, and thank you for sharing your time with us Kids.

The garden was alive, the kids did it.  Indeed we celebrated the garden with our grandchildren.  It was good to see them during the holiday.

We are a happy family.  We are Blessed.

Children light up the place. Bless You, All.

Until Next Post



3 thoughts on “Celebrate The Garden.

  1. Celebrating a wonderful time with grandchildren, and cooking for the family is always a good time. What wonderful grandchildren you have Susi

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