Scones and Salads

Freshly baked scones serve with jam is  Scone, jam and whipped cream is an excellent way to serve in Australia. In England is a different story, you would have scone served with clotted cream and jam to accompany your hot cup of tea. So Delicious.
I  prepared these colourful pretty dressed scones for morning tea with friends.  These scones were smallish, and I thought they were dandy and delicious.

img_0122 img_0125

What we do without salads, they are very healthy food and very easy to prepare.  This Javanese salad is served throughout the year.img_4734img_4748 Lotek is freshly prepared Javanese salad dressed in crushed peanut, sugar, chilli, salt and lime juice, shown in above picture. When the dressing is smooth, add in the vegetables, mix together. Serve right away.  It is so fresh so good especially this time of the year fresh vegetables are easily available from the market, supermarket or from your own vegetable garden if you have one.img_4737-1
Tofu is vegetable protein, poached tofu with spices, and fried is delicious.  Slice the cooked tofu, mix with any vegetable you like to serve as a salad dressed with soy sauce is very refreshing, it is a treat for a light lunch.
Tofu Salad
img_4721 img_4723 img_4725

Composed Salad.
How about a composed salad, it is very good, simply use anything you have in your pantry.  My composed salad for a Thursday dinner was amazing.

The ingredients: fresh harvest tomato from Irene’s garden, endive, radicchio, and prosciutto, boiled egg.  The dressing: balsamic and olive oil.  The salad was garnished with my home baked sourdough bread.
img_4777 img_4780 img_4781 img_4782 img_4790

Hope you like this idea of salad dishes, you don’t need recipes for salads, be creative!

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Lazy Lamb with Garnishes

I have cooked lazy lamb dishes a lot and this is one of them. It is the time that I don’t need fuss in my kitchen. A shoulder lamb joint is an excellent meat to cook if you got it right.  This time I cooked using wrapped the meat in mixed fresh herbs and wrapped again in a lined aluminium foil with baking paper.  Baked in the oven and let the oven did the rest. It did need two hours at least for the baking time. The result was great, the meat was soft, tender, moist and juicy.

I gathered the fresh herbs from the garden, I needed a lot, it was almost a basket full.

I rub the shoulder lamb with lemon juice and a tablespoon salt, from here I wrapped the lamb in the mixed fresh herbs (mint, lemon balm, rosemary) and I put it on a lined aluminium foiled with baking paper, and I wrapped again properly and tightly.  I placed it on a baking tray and baked in a hot oven (175 degrees C) for two hours.
img_4987-1 img_4989-1 The lamb was garnished img_4997with baked pumpkin, and eggplant and served with yoghurt, it was an influenced of Mediterranean cooking.

The wrapped method was excellent for this dish.  I am sure it will work too for cooking chicken or fish.


The Baked Pumpkin and Eggplant to garnish the Lazy Lamb.
The leftover was excellent for a cold salad, filling sandwiches and also I cooked for a lamb parcel.  It is the cold meat of the lamb mixed with cheese and egg wrapped in my water pastry (phyllo pastry) and pan fried.

Delicious Lab Parcel, it’s crispy the outside and soft and savoury inside.
img_5026Recipe for water pastry, look on an older post.

The wrapped method was successful with me, all the best to you all if you wish to cook the meat this way.


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My Harvests

Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes Freshly Picked
The Zucchini Plant

Vegetable Harvests

Zucchini and tomato are the harvests for this season. Two zucchini and three tomato plants I planted but only the zucchini has been giving me good enough crops, unfortunately, the potted tomatoes are not doing well at all. A few tomatoes were picked for a salad,  and now there are no more. The leaves are growing to be yellowish and are drying out. In fact, it is time to get rid of them.  Next time I will plant them on the ground instead of in the pots.
The cabbage was the last harvest of the vegetables which I planted last year. The Fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese and egg were so delicious.  I loved zucchini flowers, unfortunately, there are not many to harvest.
Stuffed Zucchini Flowers with Ricotta Cheese.
fullsizerender-88 fullsizerender-89 img_4430
I cooked some of the zucchini to resting braised meatballs, and also to stuff with rice and meat filling.  The stuffed and baked zucchini were so cute, soft but kept the shape beautifully.
Baked Stuffed Zucchini Flowers with rice and
img_4432 img_4497 img_4498 img_4506 img_4556
I think zucchini plant is one of vegetable plants you have to have in your garden, it is easy to grow and you could bake /cook as savouries and sweets.

Savoy Cabbage-The last harvest from my garden
Savoy Cabbage-The last harvest from my garden

As I have mentioned before, the cabbages were planted last year, they took a long time to harvest but I don’t mind to plant them again.  Cabbage is an excellent vegetable to have in cooking, you could do so much with it, from salads to sauteeing and braising.  Stuffed cabbage with meat and braised with red wine and tomato is excellent for a winter meal.  Another delicious winter dish using cabbage is stuffed cabbage rolls and braised slowly and served with yoghurt.  Actually, it’s excellent for autumn dinner as well. Salads from cabbage is so good, simply shred it mix with apple and dressed with mayonaise excellent to be served with BBQ  chicken for summer meal.  For Asian cooking, cabbage is an important vegetable to be mixed with meat, fish and egg.  It adds the texture, flavour of the dish such as ‘stir fried noodles.  In Java, for noodles dishes “no cabbage-no noodles”.
Variation of cutting and chopping cabbage for Javanese cooking.

Cutting Cabbages
Cutting Cabbages

Salads of Cabbage and Zucchini.  Colourful cabbage salad with nasturtium flowers.

Fresh cabbage salad with nasturtium
Cooked cabbage for the bed of cooked zucchini

Herbs and Chilli
It was a hot day, I picked the flat fresh parsley before the heat got them, and it was enough leaf to dry for my future cooking.  This time I will dry them in the refrigerator.  I hope it is going to work well, the dried parsley leaf will have fresh green colour instead of a sad and ugly green.

Potted Chilli Plant
Potted Chilli Plant

The potted red and yellow chilly are looking great.  I must harvest soon, I could do delicious hot dishes with them.

Right now I am keen to work with herbs.  Dried parsley is very good for my cooking, add in to dishes for flavours or use it as a garnish the dish.

Do dry herbs or parsley and simply follow this steps.

The Process and Steps of Drying Parsley
Clean, Wash the leaves and get rid of the excess water make sure the leaves are dry enough. Wrap the leaves with baking paper, and wrap it again to enclosed the parsley properly.  Now you have a parcel with parsley in it.

Take the leaves only, and discard the stems.
Take the leaves only, and discard the stems.


Cleaned and Washed Parsley Leaves
The parsley wrapped in baking paper
Wrap the wrapped parsley with another paper
Label and Dated

Label the parcel and dated.  Keep it in the refrigerator in a cool and dry space.  It is ready and dry within a month.  Crush the leaves, transfer to a clean jar.
I like to keep all my dry herbs in the pantry.

The Flower Garden.
Flowers of the month, and cutting fresh flowers from the garden.
The succulent and impatiens are flowering beautifully, and the hydrangea flowers have changed the colour to a rustic look which makes the best autumn flower arrangement.

fullsizerender-100 img_0076 img_4654-1

Cut flowers for inside the house, the hydrangea looks so beautiful inside the large vase.

The later colour of Hydrangea flowers cool and rustic
The later colour of Hydrangea flowers cool and rustic

Harvesting, drying herbs and enjoying the fresh cut flowers for the house are what have been happening in my place.  The garden pleases me indeed, and the family are happy and love the cooking of the harvests.


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