Scones and Salads

Freshly baked scones serve with jam is  Scone, jam and whipped cream is an excellent way to serve in Australia. In England is a different story, you would have scone served with clotted cream and jam to accompany your hot cup of tea. So Delicious.
I  prepared these colourful pretty dressed scones for morning tea with friends.  These scones were smallish, and I thought they were dandy and delicious.

img_0122 img_0125

What we do without salads, they are very healthy food and very easy to prepare.  This Javanese salad is served throughout the year.img_4734img_4748 Lotek is freshly prepared Javanese salad dressed in crushed peanut, sugar, chilli, salt and lime juice, shown in above picture. When the dressing is smooth, add in the vegetables, mix together. Serve right away.  It is so fresh so good especially this time of the year fresh vegetables are easily available from the market, supermarket or from your own vegetable garden if you have one.img_4737-1
Tofu is vegetable protein, poached tofu with spices, and fried is delicious.  Slice the cooked tofu, mix with any vegetable you like to serve as a salad dressed with soy sauce is very refreshing, it is a treat for a light lunch.
Tofu Salad
img_4721 img_4723 img_4725

Composed Salad.
How about a composed salad, it is very good, simply use anything you have in your pantry.  My composed salad for a Thursday dinner was amazing.

The ingredients: fresh harvest tomato from Irene’s garden, endive, radicchio, and prosciutto, boiled egg.  The dressing: balsamic and olive oil.  The salad was garnished with my home baked sourdough bread.
img_4777 img_4780 img_4781 img_4782 img_4790

Hope you like this idea of salad dishes, you don’t need recipes for salads, be creative!

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