A Cool Place and A Cool Room

It is good to see the potted plants are growing well at the cool area especially the potted hydrangea. A story to tell about this plant, when I planted, it was a pink cap hydrangea and this year it flowers so beautifully. Now the pink flowers are faded and changed to a dusky greenish pink. as the last season is almost over.  However, the new growths are in flowers right now, and they are blue colour instead of pink.  I don’t know what is going on.  One plant has two colours, the first flowering was pink, and now is blue, it is odd but I like it.

On a hot day, is nice and enjoyable to spend time outside at the shady area, it is a cool place where potted plants grow such as hydrangea, monstera deliciousa and ferns.

In fact, my espalier apple tree which is growing in a pot is happy enough sitting at the cool place.  It is protected by the wind but it gets the morning sun.  The proof is that the espalier apple is bearing fruits and they are getting bigger every day and eventually they will turn to red.  I look at it daily and indeed pleases me.

A time that escaping from the hot heat is a must, and happy to be inside.  It is good to create an ambience which suggests that it is a cool place simply put fern-maiden hair fern and greens plants there.  You would be relaxed and enjoy the coolness of the room.
unnamed-1 unnamed-3f7


Today is the first Autumn Day, and it is very pleasant not too hot outside and cool inside the house.  Even though by the late afternoon we sat in the living room with the cooler on.  Well, we need it, the ferns and greens there for us and they will grow well too.
We will still have hot days to come, but the cool place outside rescues us, we are alright outside.  Inside!?  From the cool place outside to a cool room is what we want, and it is ours.

Summer is over, and now the new season is here.  In Autumn often hot spell arrives and we know where to escape.   Keep cool everyone, and enjoy Autumn, the new season.


Until Next Time



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