Preserved Olives

Preserved olives in brine work very well for me, as you know there are methods of preserving olives, but it is a little too salty. To get rid of the salty taste is by soaking the olives in the water and change the water every hour and do as many to achieve it.  I did try this method, and it helped but the olives are salty still.  Anyway,  I decided to dress and keep in small jars, I think of my children and friends I am sure they love it and they can use it for cooking or for pizza topping.

The Process of Dressing The olives, Home Baked Pizza and Bread.

Soak the olive in water, and change to a fresh water hourly.  I did it 7 times.
Olive oil, dry oregano, rosemary and dry chilli flake you need for the dressing.
Clean jars with tight lids or hermetic glasses would be the best.
Label all the jars and keep in a cooler and dark place in the pantry.

I must buy the label, but now they are sitting in the pantry at a dark place.

I baked pizza with this preserves and also I baked olive bread which was very good.
The Pizza

Pitted Olives for Olive Bread

The Olive Bread
Preparing the dough.

The olive bread ready for baking and the freshly baked bread.

The freshly baked olive bread was crusty and the smell was so inviting.
Let it cool, and cut to slice.

Beautiful Olive Bread with a crusty outside and soft and chewy crumb.
Absolutely a treat.
The fresh herbs in the kitchen, basil, thyme, rosemary and the fresh dressed olives were made me think of Provence.  Indeed we loved the food when we were there. We loved and enjoyed the homemade preserved olives, home baked pizza and the bread.

A very good time in the kitchen for the season, Autumn is cool and beautiful.  The home preserved olives were good and deliciously dressed.

There will be more posts soon, enjoy the Season.


Until Next Post



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