A Family Meal

Delicious Family Meal.
March is the month I learnt how to cook Italian meatballs. It was a long time ago in nineteen seventy-four. I remember vividly the first lesson to learn Italian cooking at Nonna Bocchino’s kitchen. I was so keen, happy, grateful, and I am always.  The dish lives with us, it is one of our favourite food. Braised meatball in tomato sauce is the best family meal that everyone should have.

The Recipe is my recipe, and I love to share with you.  It is based what I cooked last week.

Braised Meatballs

500g mince meat
55 g ham off the bone, chopped finely
85 grated of cheeses (Parmesan and Cheddar)
55g bread crumbs
2 eggs, lightly beaten
2 onions, 3 clove garlic, chopped finely
1teaspoon salt
Place all ingredients in a large bowl, mix to get her to combine
Take an about 125 of the mixture, shape into a ball /longish ball
Do the rest with the meat mixture you make eight meatballs.
Pan fry them until golden brown
Add braised tomato with vegetables, cook bring to simmer.
Keep on cooking, braise the meatballs for two hours!

Cooking and Preparation of the Meatballs
The meatballs ingredients.  The meat mixture to shape into meatballs.


Pan fried meatballs until golden brown.
Braised meatballs in tomato sauce for one hour and a half.

The Meatballs Mixture
mince meat, chopped ham off the bones, chopped onions, garlic, oregano, shredded cheeses-cheddar,
and Parmesan, dry breadcrumbs, lightly beaten egg, ground white pepper and salt

Take about 125g of the meat mixture and shape it into a longish ball. You could make about eight meatballs of the mixture

Pan fry until golden, turn it over the meatballs to get the even colour even cooking.

Add in tomato herbs and vegetable sauce which has been braised for
an hour and continue cooking over low heat for one hour or two.

Meatballs is served with a salad

To serve the meatballs with a fresh salad following a pasta dish.
Use the sauce to mix with a pasta and dress the pasta with Parmesan cheese to start the meal. Followed by the beautiful braised meatball garnished with a salad.

I do this sequence anytime when we have Italian Meal.

Pictures from my cooking in the past.
Spirali pasta served with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

The salad is any mixed leafy vegetables, dressed with vinegar, salt and olive oil.

Radicchio salad dressed with balsamic vinegar I love the best, but often this vegetable is hard to get and not easy to plant in my experience.
I have a variety of mix green and edible flowers for our table at any time as we love the fresh vegetable salad.

The time when my vegetable garden was doing very well we had lovely harvests.
Where are they now, this is my question about my asparagus, OK the plants are living, and I let them be, they show their leaves only but the new shoots never appear.  We harvested about five asparagus spears this year.
It is a problem that I have to fix.

As for my meatballs cooking, the dish is a winner even though my grandchildren are not so keen just yet, but in time they will love it.

Have the recipe a go, you may like it especially the dish freezes very well.


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