In my kitchen a place that I could be me and enjoy cooking this lovely food.

Certain things that I have to remember how to serve the food and beautiful dishes are flavours, textures that working together and compliment one another.

The day of baking bread, I prepare a soup to serve within a cold weather.
Love to have a bowl of soup served with bread and butter.  It is a complete meal for us.

 Earthy lentil soup with home baked sourdough Tabatier

Roasted Leg of Lamb garnished with roasted pumpkin and peas.  The whole roasted pumpkin used as a bowl to hold the peas looks very inviting for children enjoying the vegetables.

Beautiful light meringue topped with whipped cream and dressed with fresh fruits.  Berries are perfect for it, these raspberries bring the flavour better, they cut the sweetness of the meringue which adds the deliciousness of the meringue.

Fresh fig to garnish a sliced of cake is a celebration of the sweet. 

Meatballs soup in clear broth (bakso) tastes better with garnishes and adding a little vegetables cut the richness of the meat the flavour.
This soup is my favourite soup, often I cook in my kitchen and enjoy by my family too.

Fresh Fruits
What would you do with fresh fruits?  Serve as they are with fresh mints.
I dressed them up with honey or served with dipping sauce.

Pie with a crispy pastry.   I could do anything else. it goes so well with a green leafy salad. Add some fresh cheese if you wish.

Salad and meat dish served with yellow rice is good, it looks pretty and taste delicious.

Double cooked beef empal is served with steamed white rice.  And the braised whole chicken is excellent to serve with steamed white rice, and pickled cucumber is the garnish.

The baked whole chicken I would match up with baked potato and a salad or vegetables for the garnish.

Roast Beef Rib is the best to be served with its gravy and Yorkshire pudding for the garnish.

These are just samples what dishes you could match up, as what dish could pair up with the drink wine.  In my kitchen, cooking is fun.


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