Spring in the Backyard.

Plants are springing, roses are looking healthy this year and the crabapple blossoming magnificently. Herbs and flowering plants are giving me promise, I am looking forward to enjoying them and spending time in the backyard.

Beautiful Blossom and the Wisteria is at its best.

Sadly the clivia potted plant got frost burnt last winter, but luckily the flower buds stay well and healthy.  Now the stems are getting longer by day, I shall have a lot of flowers, and they could be better to use them as the cut flowers.

Fruit trees, the apple tree survive winter well and the potted espalier starts showing off the leaves and the flowers.  Love the rustic look of the leave this Peonie rose.

Potted herbs are lovely and I am hoping the vegetable patch will accommodate all my plants very well this time, thinking to grow tomatoes, hot chilli and beans.

More greens and flowers.  By the end of October, the backyard will be more colours, and it is very joyful to see.

I hope your garden is flourishing this time of the year, Springtime can be fun, all my very best to you all.  Enjoy the Season!


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Elanora Esmée.

We visited our youngest grand child, Elanora and that was a lovely trip to the Netherlands. How good it was that we could hold and play with her.
She is such a beautiful and placid baby, she makes things easier for her mother and family.

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She was born on the 11 of June 2017 she is almost three months old this Spring, and the other day I was told that she weights at 5910 g and 60 cm long.  She is growing so fast, she is a joy.  Her older brother Milo is trying so hard to be kind and friendly to her, how

ever, we must watch him as he could be very excited toward her.
We made our stay in Europe better by visiting other countries.

We went to Hungary, mainly visited Budapest, just as well we were already in Europa, and that was a great trip, a lot of places to see.
Jane and her family sent us off to the train station in Eindhoven, as we had to catch up the flight in Amsterdam.

Budapest offers amazing architecture buildings, so beautiful, and the people are good and friendly, we had a lovely time there.  A day trip to Buda and Pest with a private guide was a good start to explore Budapest.  From the market hall to see the plethora of fresh produce, spices ingredients and embroideries work which was displayed in a glorious manner, so many and so beautiful, also enjoyed the delicious local food – Gulash, stuffed cabbage and so forth. Visited the Parlament house, walked on the chain bridge and cruising on the river Danube.  You don’t want to miss to see Budapest at night, that was what we did, the City was lighted up, absolutely bright and beautiful, we saw from the Danube river on the river cruise while we had our lavish dinner.  Other high light was attending the Hungarian Folk Concert, the dance was so vigorous and the customs were so colorful. It was a beautiful night, the last day before we went back to the Netherlands was very memorable indeed.

Market Hall Budapest

Visited a country restaurant with our tour guide Eva and tasting local dishes.

Inside The Parlament House and the picture of the building from the back, also at night time the House was  so beautiful with all the lights.

At The Chain Bridge Budapest, we got through walking on the bridge and it was so hot.  I am glad that we did it.

Cruising on the Danube, heading to the Margaret Island.

At Night Dinner Cruise, it was amazing to see the City lighted up.

Five days were good enough for us to visit Budapest, and it was so right to go back to the Netherlands, to spend more time with Elanora.

Beautiful pictures of Elanora, sleeping, and resting.

After a catch up with Elanora and family, we were off again to Italy, visited Tuscany.

Tuscany was good, loved the food, the culture, and the friendly people.  I found them they are kind and helpful.  It was very hot, and I missed out the beautiful sunflowers on the fields, and it was not so green, as we were there in Summer, but over all it was good.

I loved and enjoy the city tour, the guide was good with excellent knowledge.

Pissa, this time we visited the leaning tower of Pissa and went inside, managed to walk up the two hundred and ninety-six steps.  Our first visit was in 2005 and it was under construction.  I was so proud to be able to climb and walk that high, thanks to Rayner for his encouragement.

The wine tasting on the half day trip was good and together with people from Norway a very good bunch of people that made the experience was so pleasant.

We were so disappointed that the trip to go to see the Chianti region was cancelled, that would be great to taste the Chianti wine and the beautiful drive to the country side.

Visited Lucca, The wall-the Renaissance wall in Lucca stands grand, welcome all the visitors, as the olden days, it protected enemy from coming in, the whole community-people was secure and saved.   A long walk we did through the labyrinth of the ancient-renaissance buildings was amazing.  

Vespa museum in Pontedera was Huge, I saw the old model of the sixty which my parents used to have, indeed it brought a lovely memory.   And the journey on the train was hilarious.  We stopped when we reach the Pontedera station, and we would like to get off the train but the door did not open.  AH  AH, we had to continue the journey to the next stop, and from there we had to wait for the trains from Florenzia to get us back to Pontedera.


It was a good break from the Netherlands, however, we loved to go back and spend more time with Elanora and family.   Eindhoven, where she lives, is a modern city and a good place to live in. We went out for excursions, for lunches, dinner and pic nic.  A lot of lovely time together.  The weather was pleasant through out that make our stay was very enjoyable. All together we spent five weeks in Europa, but three weeks with Elanora was so important to us.  We were so pleased and happy to see the baby-Elanora.  

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We are blessed with our children and grand children.  Thank you, Elanora, and we are
hoping to see you and your mama, papa and your dear brother Milo in Australia to visit us soon.  See you all again.

With Elanora, We are a Family of Fourteen.  A Big Happy Family.


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