My Very Best Wishes To You.

Have a Good Party
Be Merry and Happy
Happy Feasting, Good Food, Fine Wine
Enjoy The Fun and Please Take Care


Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone and God Bless.






Festive Christmas

We had a grand celebration, a beautiful Christmas, thank you, children, for coming home. It was very pleasant and cool, we spent the time to enjoy Christmas, eating good food, listening to beautiful music, and exchanging gifts also to get to know Alfie their dog, he is moody but loving.
Red is the colour of Our Christmas this year.

Our home is alive when the children home, they are no longer little but I do call them children.  Three girls are married with a family and they are all living far away from us.  How blessed we were to have our youngest daughter, her husband and the dog Alfie and it’s to see that they are happy, they were so relaxed to be with us, enjoyed the garden, looking back photos of the past, catching time with us, sharing stories, indeed we were one as A Big Family.  Festive Food and Fine Wine for us all, and thank you, Susan and Tristan.  Rayner was busy always make the gathering easier, he had a good time.  Good on You!  I was so lucky to learn about Alfie the dog, he could be very loving and I was so sad to know while Susan and Tris were away for a short while, he started howling but so so slowly almost like whispering.  I did not know what to do, but I reported to them.  They said he was sad to miss us.  Indeed he was so sad but he was all good to see his masters again.
We had a lovely and pleasant Christmas and a very good Celebration with lots of delicious dishes.  I wish you all had the same, and looking forward to the Festive New Year 2018.

Festive Food For Us

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Champagne and Lobster

Javanese Food
Before leaving for Melbourne I cooked a delicious food for them with ease, everything was there, they looked grand and tasted delicious.

They were beautiful celebration food, we all were pleased and proud and thanking the year has gone beautifully and we did close it off with the great and grand. We were and are Blessed.
The Festive Season Indeed Was Festive.

Now we are all ready to party for the New Year Eve, we do it every year quietly. Does it make sense?  I wish for the very best to all for the New Year 2018.

I did not forget about the garden, beautiful plants were added making it better. Now the garden has lots colours and the bloom is magnificent.

IMG_4423 (1)

The Garden Looks Festive too.

See you, family, soon, in the meantime have fun enjoying the rest of holiday and take care!

I hope everyone had a grand celebration with your family and friends.  God Bless!


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A Crown

Beautiful Brioche Crown for our Christmas Feast.

It is sweet and round,  dainty and delicious, so appropriate to celebrate the end of the year with the sweet.  Sweet food for a Sweet year.
A crown is not only for kings and queens but for all of us, as we are all equally important. It is not only for Christmas that we must wear the crown, in fact, we have to have it every day.
I am just playing with words really because sometimes we forgot about yourself.  You are the number one to be able to crown the next person.

As the baking of the brioche crown, a beautiful fruity rich bread was so good, I love to celebrate the generosity of European bread with the deliciousness, so fruity, rich in butter and flavour. I have no recipe for it, but you could look the older post about ‘brioche’
We had a good taste of the brioche, today was the day that we all were sitting together having a cuppa with friends and enjoy the Christmas season. The resting was meaningful at least physically, afterwards we carry on with whatever we wish to be doing.

Preparation and the Baking.


 To dress the brioche crown, brush the top with melted white chocolate, add almond flakes and chopped cherries, dust with icing sugar on top.






The brioche crown looks festive indeed, the red cherries and the fresh herbs and red flowers are the themes for Christmas.

Now, it is a very busy season, please take care of yourself.  It is so good that we think of others, catching up with best wishes cards, select beautiful gifts for family and friends. Take time and take a rest, you need that and remember that you are as important as the next person. Wear your crown with pride.



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We had a lot of rain for the past few days, in fact, it was raining every day, staying in was the answer luckily we did not have any appointments.
The sound of the rain was beautiful and looking at the misty rain that day by the kitchen window made me feel so nostalgic but also good.  Especially the greens scenery that I could see from inside the house.
The garden is so green and lush, and all the plants are so happy growing well.

Beautiful flowering Hydrangea bushes, I could tell how grateful they are sitting on the wet and moist soil, thanks to the rain. They love water, they thrive on a cooler part of the place.

The vegetable patch with a few tomato plants growing, and they are not disappointing, they are very promisingly, this year we will have the harvest I am sure, could be it is the year of tomato.
A friend mentions that her vegetable garden is doing very well particularly the tomato plants.

Here they are some tomatos growing in the vegetable patch and another is potted.

Rayner is checking the vegetable garden, he feels so important to be able to participate working in the garden since his retirement.   Gardening could be addictive and therapeutic.

To have a good rain is a blessing, but not too much, because flooding is not needed.  So far the rain looks after and nourish all the plants and keeps us cool.

A cool springtime with the rain is very enjoyable indeed not only for us but all the members in the garden.

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